lower back pain relief

mike2305March 25, 2007

You can substantially reduce or even completely eliminate many kinds of chronic pain with a special diet that's rich in certain carbohydrates, and low in fats, protein and sugar.

Substantially increase your consumption of complex carbohydrates, these include foods such as wholegrains, ( with the exclusion of corn), beans vegetables and fruits, so these make up 70-80% of your food intake.

Avoid refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, honey, and syrups, and cut your total sugar intake by at least 40%.

Avoid all fats and oils including butter, margarine, meat fats and lard, as much as possible. Also avoid fatty meats, whole milk, cheese with more than 1% fat content, and egg yolks.

Give both caffeine and alcohol a miss.

Take an amino acid supplement called tryptophan, this is converted by the body into serotonin, a pain relieving chemical.

The combination of the special diet and the tryptophan should dramatically elevates your pain tolerance.

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The best thing you can do is stop advising people to use your suggestions of herbal treatments for all kinds of medical problems and preventing medical problems.
You are not a doctor, nor do you have any understanding of the risks involved in people taking your advise, using herbal supplements in combination with prescription meds or not seeking medical advise for a problem.

Recently you where seeking advise for yourself on medical problems that probably have occured from taking all these herbal supplements that you are posting about. Wasn't it something about black vomit?

The best thing anyone can do that sees and reads your posts is to ignore any and all advise.

By the way, chronic back pain can be the symptom of very serious medical conditions that your advise, if it where followed, could lead to even further serious medical conditions and even death.

I hope everyone just ignores your continued posts and the dangers that they pose.

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Just checked your member page and see that you have a website for alternative medicine.

Now I see why you post the way you do. Must be your attempt to get around the GW rules of advertising your website and selling your product.


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The advice for pain relief, is not an article that I have invented. It is actually expert advice from Dr Samuel Seltzer, a noted pain control expert at Temple University, in Philadelphia. My own complaint, for which i thank you for your comments, was I understand coursed by stress, and not by any herbal medication, i have always checked with my gp first before taking any remedy, and would always advise others to do so.

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