deadfingers09March 1, 2009

I have had raynauds for a few years. I've been tested for everything that goes with it and am mildly positive for lupus as well. None of the meds have worked for me. I saw my dr. last week and we decided to try nitro paste. Today was the first day I used it and so far so good. No attacks, even when I was out in freezing weather. I was instructed to put 1/4" of pasted on both wrists with a bandaid over it and leave on for 12 hrs. then wipe off. Has anyone else tried this?

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I too have raynaud.It is so painful.My fingers turn blue nearly black.It for sure is raynaud's.They said that the blood is having trouble getting thur my veins.My toes are the same.I knew a lady that had the same thing and she had to have her fingers and toes removed.It sort of like frost bite.I never heard of the treatment you mention.How does raynaud's effect you.Do you have trouble with your fingers and toes?Do yours turn blue and black?I would love know more about Raynaud's.Someone told me that it was a type of lumpus or arthitis.Have you ever heard this?Thanks for starting this post.

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