Advise on Lateral Recess Stenosis Please

littleonefbMarch 26, 2006

I have just been diagnosed with lateral recess stenosis. Am going for a second injection around the spine, similiar to epidural but placed around the spine. It has provided some relief but did not last very long.

The docs are not suggesting surgery for this as it is not very sucessful and can cause other complications.

Has anyone else had treatment that helps ease the pain and gets you back to some degree of function that you had prior to this diagnosis?

Apparently, I have had minor symptoms of the problem for some time but never realized it. Then 8 weeks ago, I was suddenly hit with the horrible pain, numbness and tingling and have been barely able to move since.

Thanks for any help.


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My mom ended up getting complete pain relief with a morphine pump. It was inplanted under the skin and was refilled once a month. It was the best thing she ever did and she was pain free.

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Monablair, sounds like that was great for you mom. but how does it work. Wouldn't the morphine keep her kind of tired, groggy and have difficulty functioning? I can't imagine having morphine pumped in to me for pain and not beiing at the very least tired all the time, if not sleeping. All I need is 1 percocet and I'm asleep for 6 hours or more.

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She was fearful of being drugged and becoming addicted...neither happened. The morphine is "snaked" through a tube that connects from the 3"x 2½ x ½ pump directly to the facets of the spine that are the source of pain. She never even had to take an aspirin for pain after receiving the pump. I wish she had done it sooner but she was fearful and did it only when all other options had been exhausted.

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