Slingbox / PCTV to catch hometown sports?

cle_danMay 29, 2008

I have been researching TV "place-shifting" devices online and was wondering whether anyone on here has experience with them. My goal is to buy one of these devices and install it at my parents' house in Cleveland and thus be able to view any games broadcast there on my PC in Virginia. I'm interested in hearing pros & cons of the different choices and anything I should look out for given my above plans.


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This will work. Not under the spirit and meaning of the agreements that you bound yourself too, but I know quite a few people who do this and it works pretty well. Some go further and put a dvr there so that they can time shift as well.

If its only one sport you are interested in, you are probably better off buying the internet package that most have now. I know mlb has one and the quality is pretty good - probably better than what you are going to stream over the slingbox. granted you aren't going to have all seasons, but it also depends on whether the home site you are streaming from has the package to get the games you want.

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We have slingbox and it's great. There are a couple issues - if someone is watching TV at home and it's NOT what you want to watch you will totally slum them if you change the channel!! Then again, you can always check up on them to see what they are watching,

The slingbox has to be ON to use it, so if someone turns it off you're hosed.

I love the DVR combo. I can watch anything I've recorded anytime, anyplace!

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