Blood in Urine

mugnainiMarch 15, 2007

About one week ago (never happened before in my 52 years of age) I noted a faint, trace of blood in the toilet bowl. I brought a urine sample to my gynocologist; she sent in for testing and prescribed antibiotic. Results came back negative, Dr. took me off of antibiotic, and I have not seen trace of blood since. However, a urine sample brought to Dr. again divulged trace of red/white cells. Dr. thinks may be kidneystone (?) and prescribed Renal Cat-scan, but cost of $1,100 is prohibitive. I have no discomfort at all, or backpain and do not see blood in urine any longer. I will visit Dr. again in May 2007 for Mammiogram and thought I would bring in another sample for testing. Should I be worried and attempt to find money for Cat-scan and proceed immediately or is my "strategy" of waiting until next Dr. visit OK? Thank you, all.

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blood in urine is indicitive of a problem somewhere in the urinary system. It would be best for you to see a urologist not your gyn and let a urologist determine what tests if any are needed. You would also need to bring thes lab test results that you have had done with you or have your gyn send them to the urologist.

There are many reasons for trace amounts of blood to be found in urine. Micro amounts may be nothing to be concerned with, but visual evidence, even once is something to have checked out.

I would insist that your GYN send you to a urologist. You may need to have your primary make the arrangements for you.

It is best to have specialists check this out and not go with your GYN's suggestion of tests. From experience the first thing a urologist will do is a cystocopy right there in the office. Simple procedure, I've had it done before and then if needed, further tests will be suggested.

If finances are a problem, discuss that with your doctor and the urologist. I'm sure that some kind of arrangements can be made to reduce the cost of the tests.

As for your question about your strategy being OK. My answer is your strategy is all wrong. GYN's deal with GYN problems, this is not in their scope of specialty. You should have been referred to a Urologist right away to determine what tests need to be done. Renal CT scans are usually done after other tests have been done, if it is needed. It is usually not the first test done.

You should not wait to find out what is going on. You should be seen by a urologist as soon as possible.

Good luck and let us know what you find out, but please, do not wait. It may be nothing to be concerned with and it may be something serious that needs treatment ASAP. Only a urologist can tell you that.

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Thank you so much for the detailed and useful advice. I have been on FOSAMAX for about one year and had nothing but problems with it. I have also taken calcium supplements until recently (stopped doing so now!). Not sure any of this is related to the incident I discussed in my post, but...who knows. Thanks again, Mugs

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Mugnaini, how long ago did you stop taking the calcium supplements? It is possible that you have had too much calcium in your body and have what is known as pre kidney stones that can cause both visible and microscopic blood in your urine.

Regardless you do need to see a urologist ASAP. Odds are it is nothing serious, but better check it out to be safe.

I had a similar problem several years ago. Treated for UTI, with symptoms. Follow up urine showed microscopic red cells in the urine. A second showed the same thing. Was sent to a urologist ASAP.
He took a medical history, checked the lab results, did a cystoscopy in his office, all in about 1 hours time. Had some blood work done and he called me late the next day to tell me the problem was too much calcium supplement.
He had me stop taking the calcium for 2 months, then had another urine test done and it was fine. To be safe he had me have an IVP done to make sure there where no stones anywhere. Everything was fine.
Now I take have the dose of calcium supplements and have had no problems.

Had I not gone to the urologist, I might not have found out about the problem with the calcium for at least 6 more months, when I had my routine physical and blood work. The urologist told me, I'd have had really bad kidndy stones before the 6 months came around.
So glad I went to see him and my primary sent me to him.

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You've been given some excellent advice. Please see a urologist! A year ago I, too, discovered blood in my urine which ultimately led me to a urologist who ordered a scan which revealed a bleeding bladder polyp and a stone in my gall bladder!! With Dr coordination, I got a twofer at the hospital (outpatient). I am now very careful to never miss my cysto exams for possible signs of more polyps. Unlike you, my urine contained large amounts of blood but any signs of such should always be checked thoroughly by a specialist. Good luck to you!!

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Sorry for the delay in re-posting. Problem is that when I visited with my Dr. originally, she recommended a c-scan. That would cost me $1,700.00, and cannot afford right now. As far as the calcium supplements are concerned, i have stopped taking them awhile ago, after going on FOSAMAX. Problem was that FOSAMAX is causing such severe heart-burn that I needed to take antacid, and that had "extra" calcium, too. In any event, scheduled another visit with DR. and have not experience blood in urine again...

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I had a warm feeling in my vaginal area and was urinating ALOT more than usual so I saw my doctor. She only found trace amounts of blood in my urine but nothing you could see with your eyes and told me not to worry. She gave me Cipro for a week just to be safe. If I do not have fever or any pain, should I not worry?

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I recently had blood in my urine and it was from lifting 40 lb bags of topsoil. That has happened to me twice now. Needless to say, no more heavy lifting.

My test cost over $5,000. + office calls and tests there.

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I had blood on tissue every time I went- cause- drinking 3 Pepsi's a day. As soon as I quit. No more blood. About 8 yrs later I was standing at a party for 5 yr old GS. DD poured some Coke in a glass, it smelled so good. Only couple of ounces, I decided it wouldn't hurt me after all that time had past. Wrong! In minutes I felt the 2 bags of cement dragging on my back feeling & went to bathroom & there it was, more blood! About this same time I found out bro. was having every test for kidney problems, I asked mom why, she said"blood in urine" the dr. & 2 specialists reports showed nothing. I called him & said- I think you have same problem I have. Give up pop(something in it does it- I can have Martinelli's Apple Sparkling Cider but not other brands for some reason-it is naturally carbonated- tho I notice the bottle no longer says that, it doesn't bother me)Bro. gave up pop/sodas & end of problem. Sometimes doctor's don't have the answers but I knew bro. was big Dr. Pepper drinker & other stuff too. Bad thing is you can't have pop ever again. Friend's bro. died & they thought that was the cause & their dr. said something in soda might be damaging linings of intestines.

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When I had blood in my urine 13 years ago, I had to submit a 24 hour urine sample. They found protein in my urine. I had a kidney biopsy and I ended up with membranous glomerulonephritis... protein in my urine. It never bothered me and six years later, I went into remission and today I don't spill any protein at all... I have a blood panel done every six months (where today I found out I have a low glucose level which I am concerned about) but other than that, no protein.

I would make sure you have that checked out - it could be nothing or it could be from your kidneys.

Good luck/don't worry


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