What is wrong with our VCR?

janepaMay 3, 2009

We have a 10 yr. old RCA 4 head VHS VCR - Model # VR629HF. While I would like to get a DVD player/recorder, my husband likes the simplicity of this VCR, but it is now not working. He has checked everything he knows to check, such as the fuse,and power to the fuse, which are both okay. The message window does not light up,and it takes no direction from the remote. It acts like it is not getting power.

Thank you for any suggestions. Jane

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Probably it's just broken, short circuited or whatever. Don't try to have it repaired, that would cost more than buying a DVD recorder.

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Look closely at the power cord. Are there any areas that are bent, squashed or where it bulges? Look at where it connects to the plug and where it goes into the VCR any strange bends or bulges? I am assuming that your answer is no, so now have one person watch the display while the other jiggles both ends of the cord, pushing in and out and twisting. If you see any flicker on the VCR's display then you have a short in the cord. If that doesn't work, then just replace the unit. Even opening it wouldn't be worth it, much less trying to have it repaired. Find a VCR somewhere cheap on line (they are still some available) or at a garage sale and go back into your happy VHS world. My suggestion would to just by a VHS/DVD combo. They are plentiful and cheap. You can play/record VHS tapes and play DVD's. Go to Wally Mart or Target and you could have one today for less than it would cost to even think about a repair. If you're in the Los Angeles area e-mail me and you can come and pick up one of mine for free. I have at least eight VCR's sill, but I no longer use them. I used to love them, but a DVR is SO much easier and more fun. If you must have a DVD recorder then be prepared to pay more. DVR's are available through the Satellite/Cable/Phone companies primarily and you pay a monthly fee. I don't like that arrangement, but you get to upgrade for free and if it breaks you just exchange it for a new one.

- Jim

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