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mlbisonMay 3, 2009

I am in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel. I need advise on installing a multi room audio system. The system will include 3 zones: Kitchen area(2 in-ceiling speakers) , adjacent living room(again two in-ceiling speakers) and outside patio(two speakers). I would like to control the outdoor patio with an on-wall volume control knob, the other 2 zones can be controlled by simple remote control.

This is for purely music/audio. This will not be tied into a home theatre system.

What is the most economical/easiest answer? Receiver with multi-zone capabilities? Do I need amplification?

How about hiding a subwoofer behind the sheetrock?


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It might not be the most economical, but it might be one of the easiest.

I had a traditional hard-wired system, with amp, impedence matching, etc. Speakers in all rooms of the house. Good and bad to that.

I changed over to a Sonos system a while ago. SOme wireless, some wired.

The thing I like about Sonos is the simplicity of integration with iTunes libraries, etc.

My son copied about 1400 of my CDs to our iTunes library, couple those songs with the hundreds, if not thousands of songs that my kids have in their own iTunes libraries...

The Sonos can access that music from anywhere in the house, even from outside.

You can either use a computer to control the music, or you can use a Sonos remote, or you can use an iPhone or iTouch.

I recently changed the house over from PCs to Macs, and with each Mac we got a "free" iTouch. So those iTouches are now remotes.

Sonos is a good system, but for me it was expensive. You can easily hit $2000-$3000 for the hardware depending on how many rooms you want to integrate.

You can listen to the same (properly synched) or to different music in each room.

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