hooking up a dvd to tv/vcr combo set

bmbrown88May 13, 2009

Hello everyone... I currently own a TV/VCR combo unit and I was wanting to add a DVD player but the TV only has 2 RCA cable plugs yellow(video) & white(audio) but no RED... does this matter or can I just hook the yellow and white and it will work fine?

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That just means that the TV is not capable of stereo. You can hook up a DVD player to it and it will sound just as "good" as the way it does now. Okay you may get only one channel (right or left) technically, and you could combine the channels (go to Radio Shack) and ask for a cable to connect stereo RCA to mono RCA), but I doubt you would notice the difference if you are satisfied with the picture/sound quality you have now with the unit.

- Jim

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That might be correct, but if you only connect one stereo channel, I suppose that you will miss out on some of the audio in stereo movies. If they play a voice only or mainly through the right speaker and you only have the left one connected, I suppose that you won't hear a lot!!

Or maybe check if you can switch your DVD player to mono in some menu, then it will probably mix both channels on one output and at least you'll hear everything.

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