Lost my daughter last Nov

beegood_gwJuly 2, 2012

She was 43 and died very suddenly. We were so close as we were both single and our interests had much in commom. I miss her so very much and for any one to say it gets better I can tell you it doesn't for me.There is hardly a day goes by with out thinking of her and wishing she was back. I do have friends but nothing will ever fill this void. People have suggested councilling but that isn't for me as I am a very private person. It is my grief and I will have to deal with it and learn to cope.

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Bless you. I am sending prayers and good thoughts your way. Our son and granddaughter died nine years ago. I think it does get better over time, but the hurt and pain are yours (and mine) forever. God bless.

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Thank you. I think you are right it probably does get better over time and I will cope with it but as you also said the pain and hurt will be with us forever. And no amount of tears will bring them back.

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I have not lost a daughter however we have very good friends from football that have are dealing with the loss of an infant son. As a team, we all chipped in and bought both the parents a keepsake for some of their son's ashes. I'll try to attach the link at the bottom of the site that we used. The parents love the keepsakes - got the dad a football and the mom a pendant with a handprint. I know it has brought them some comfort. So sorry for your loss.

Here is a link that might be useful: Urn Jewelry

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