lump under armpit

uspresidiotMarch 23, 2007

I have been feeling sick for a week now, sore throat-not as bad as strep-just annoyingly sore, feeling fluish, no fever, then today still woke up feeling lousy and now i feel this lump under my left armpit, not very big, under the skin, not sure what this means? And of course going through the internet you get a million answers. Dont have health insurance and dont want to pay er bills. so i am wondering if any one has advice or knows what this lump could be?


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The armpit has many glands in them.Since you are sick,they could simply be swollen like the other glands in your body are.Feel under your chin,any of that feel slightly swollen too?
For me it is quite normal for alot of glands to swell when sick. If it doesnt go away after you are feeling better,then you may want to have it checked out.Does it hurt?
Also,I dont know if you are male or female. Some women get glands in their breasts and armpits that retain fluid (fibro-cysts or something like that)they are harmless but can usually be a little uncomfortable.
If it seems to grow,hurt worse,or not go away~have it checked out.

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It also could be lymphoma or any of a host of other illnesses. I would have it checked out ASAP.
The axilliary glands are not the first to swell with an illness. You need to be checked.
Sorry to alarm you, but that really does need to be seen.
Linda C

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I would think an underarm lump needs to be checked out. It's probably nothing, but you know, better to be safe....

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Yup, your lymph glands are doing just what they are suppose to. When you are well re check lump, bet it's gone.

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Those kinds of lumps should be checked out. I know you don't have money, but I think this would be money well spent.
You shouldn't be getting a swollen node in your armpit for a throat problem. Nodes usually swell above where there is an infection.
I'm afraid you're going to just have to bite the bullet and spend the money. Many places will gladly set up a payment schedule for you, over something like 6-9 months.
Good luck, and please take care of this.

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I just wanted to add I have heard of people having a "blcoked sweat duct" in the arm pit too which could cause a lump.
Let's us know how you are doing!

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I agree. Any lump in or near breast material needs to be checked out immediately. It may just be a swollen lymph gland, but if it were me I'd check it out. Are there any walk-in clinics near where you live?

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