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Pam_SewsAlotMarch 30, 2004

My husband takes meds for high blood pressure. Okay...my question is, when he needs to take other over the counter medications and it says "do not take if you have high blood pressure". Since he is treated for the high blood pressure, which keeps it low and normal, is he still considered to have high blood pressure.

When I asked him this question, he didn't have an answer. So can someone help us out and explain if he has high blood pressure or not.

I've wondered about this for a long time, but just got the nerve to ask.


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My guess would be yes he does. There is one OTC cold med that advertises that you can take it with BP meds. But I can't remember which one it is now.

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Some of the OTC medication shouldn't be taken with BP medicine because they conteract the effects. Some things will actully increase BP.

He has controlled high blood pressure. It is still there, just waiting to rise.

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