What's with all the Sweat??

Pam_SewsAlotMarch 10, 2004

I have been exercising and walking. I was just wondering why I sweat so much and if this is normal. It is by no means hot out where I live, but when I walk, in no time at all I'm sweating. By the time I'm done (approx. 3 mi), I'm soaking wet.

Can someone tell me if this is normal. I've had a check up with the doctor and all seems okay.


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Some people just sweat easily. My husband sweats a lot with the least bit of exertion. I swear that I think he would sweat taking a cold shower. There's not anything wrong with him. He just sweats. On the other hand, I seldom sweat, even when I am out in the sun on a hot, hot day. As a result, I quite often come very close to heat stroke. So in some ways, if nothing is wrong with you, sweating is a good thing. It regulates the body's internal temperture. Just drink plenty of water so that you don't get dehydrated.

Are you overweight? Has this just started, or have you always just sweated quickly?

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PeaBee4... I am 5' 3" and weigh 120, so I don't think it's the weight that is causing it. I never used to sweat at all until last year. I just turned 49 yrs old so maybe it's just the hormone thing. Oh well...guess I'll just have to put up with it.

Thanks for your input.


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Now that you ruled out the other possibilities, it sounds like it's "the hormone thing", LOL. I can't tolerate the heat like I used to. I don't sweat a lot so I tend to get overheated when I'm outside on a very hot day. I don't remember that ever happening before I reached my mid-40s.

Along with sweating, do you also feel very hot?

PeaBee is right, some people just sweat a lot. My mom is, and so was her dad. She remembers him out in his workshop with drops of sweat dripping off his forehead.


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I should have added that this is one thing that you should tell your doctor about. It probably is hormonal, but it should be watched since you haven't always done this. If he/she says don't worry about it, then set your mind at ease.

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Pam, I have read that when you start exercising harder - raising your metabolism - you will sweat more easily. I wonder if this is happening to you. It's supposed to be a GOOD sign.

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Yip, intherain, my doctor says it is a good sign. Nothing to worry about. It's the bodys' natural way of cooling. Guess I'll have to invest in the special clothes that don't show it so much.

Thanks to all of you that responded!


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You need to sweat- it is agood thing, it gets rid of built up toxins.

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I too sweat a lot. When I'm on the treadmill it only takes a few minutes for me to be sweating LOTS. I've had a bout of breast cancer so that's one strike against me when it comes to hormone therapy. And hot flashes...we won't even go there.

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Some medications can increase your pulse and cause sweating. Are you on any new medications?

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Antidepressants especially can make you sweat.

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I think the best way to compensate for excess sweat is to drink as much water as u can. And try a lot to be in fresh air specially in the morning hours. That will help in decreasing the level of sweat coming off the body. Hope that helps. :)

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