Over-the-counter cholesterol lowering products?

marylmiMarch 13, 2006

Has anyone taken any of these products? My chol. is high and I don't want to take a prescription drug so I'm thinking of trying the natural ones. I see Kmart has one called "Cholest Off" and Rite Aid has one called "Advocate for Cholestrol Health" Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.


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Not OTC, but through the mail: Endur-acin by Endurance Products. It has lowered my cholesterol from 360 to well under 200, maybe about 172, and has given me fantastic ratios.
My doctor says: "I don't know what you're doing, but keep it up."

I've been taking it for well over ten years. I must also confess that I don't watch what I eat - however, if I go on a Ben and Jerry's binge it will show up in my tests. Moral: don't have your cholesterol tested after you've had B&J's every night for two months!

Here is a link that might be useful: Endur-acin

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Thanks njtea, for that information. I had heard that niacin was good for lowering cholesterol. The Avocate for Cholesterol Health from Rite Aid has niacin in it and I see that Walgreen's carry the one you are taking so I can check my local Walgreen's for it. It looks like you have had great results with the niacin. How many mg's do you take a day?

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Walgreens's carries Endura-cin? I don't know if there's a Walgreens around where I live, but I'll check it out.

I take 1 500 mg. tablet 3x a day: one early in the morning when I get up, the 2nd when I get home from work and the 3rd before I go to bed.

For some people, taking it 3x a day is a pain.

Make certain that the product you take is timed-release with the coating and that you have some food in your stomach. My a.m. pill is taken with 16 oz. of grapefruit juice which seems to be enough to counter any flush. You can get a flush with Endura-cin, even several hours after you take it, if you have not eaten.

Let me know how you do on it, if this is the medicine you choose to take. Do advise your doctor because, as with all cholesterol drugs, you should have your liver function tested from time to time.

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I tried Cholest Off and it didn't do a thing for me.

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njtea, in that link you gave, it said that it could be purchased at Walgreen's also. I checked at our Walgreen's and at this time they didn't have any, but since it is a newly opened store they said to keep checking back. Since I wanted to get started on something right away,I purchased the Advocate for Cholesterol Health. It has 400 mg. of niacin it it and the dose is 2 capsules at a meal or at bedtime. I'll take it with a meal. It also has garlic, plant sterols and Policosanol so hopefully by the time I go to the doctor in a few months, it will lower my cholesterol. If not, I will be trying the Endura-cin. Thanks for the information.

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Anyone taking just policosanol? I have high cholesterol. I bought the 10 mg capsules and have been taking them for a few months. Will be going to the doctor for blood work. I'm curious to know if it really works.

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It is possible to lower cholesterol through dietary changes alone, even to bring it within normal limits if it isn't sky-high to begin with. Below is just one link I found of such foods and recipes that include them. The mediterranean diet is also linked to a lower risk of heart disease including lower cholesterol. This gives you a jumping-off point for you to Google for other information.

If a person isn't eating a healthy diet and isn't exercising, a pill of any type is only a small part of the whole solution.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cholesterol-lowering foods

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I lowered both mine and my husband by eating a bowl of oatmeal three times a week. Cheap and easily fixed. Give it a try.

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I wish it were that simple for everybody. IF over the counter or dietary changes don't do it for you, then do turn to drugs. I ate oatmeal until it was coming out my ears - made no difference. I ate no dairy, little meat and all my veggies. I have been on the Mediteranean diet and lost 15% of my bodyweight and my cholesterol didn't budge. Currently I am taking vytorin, and if the doctor doesn't see some results soon, he is going to try Crestor. My point is, go ahead and see if the cheap and easy fix works for you, but don't stop looking for a solution if it doesn't.

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I haven't had my cholesterol checked since starting on the "Advocate for Cholesterol Health",so can't tell if it's helped yet or not, but wanted to share this information. I showed the bottle to my doctor and she said to go ahead and try it as it may help. She said to have the liver function test done at 6 weeks. I also had bought the Cholest Off and took that along too and showed her. She didn't think that one was going to do much for lowering cholesterol. Since I like to bake, my problem was that I wasn't buying the low-fat or non-fat baking ingredients. I've been trying to get back on track with that. My HDL has always been really good, but the total cholesterol was 268. jenn, that website is interesting. I'm going to look over the recipes. Thanks.

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I'd try the policosanol that Cheerful1 mentioned.

Here is a link that might be useful: policosanol

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The Advocate for Cholesterol Health has 20 mg's of policosanol in it. It will be interesting to see if these products work.
Has anyone tried the fish oil?

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I hate to ask, but why don't you want to take prescription drugs? I know the cost is one consideration, but quite often, OTC things are merely a lower dose of prescription medication. It's easier for the doctor to keep track of potential side effects or counteractions if he/she knows exactly what you are taking and the strength of the medication. Not all medication can conbine safely with other things.

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Just want to give my 5 cents worth. My husband has or did have high cholesterol about 6 months ago. The first month he was diagnosed the doctor put him on Lovistatin. IN one month he came down from 286 to 177. But that is alot, he walked everyday at least 30 minutes at the school track which can be 4-5 laps and that is just 1 1/4 miles. He ate Oatmeal everyday and we watched and changed our eating habits. You have to do other things to get it down and keep it down. It will kill you when the plaque has built up so badly and then breaks loose to cause a stroke. When you really read and study about the condition it scares you to death. He is only 50 and also he had high blood pressure at the time and was put on meds for that. Taking OTC or anything to mask the condition is not always the best thing. He now has been taken off the Lovastatin because it was starting to show some Liver damage in just the 6 months. He did very well the first month or last month it stayed below 180 with out any meds and still eating that Oatmeal and better eating habits. You have to change so many things in your life. We also changed over to Take Control or Benecol for our margerine and it is so much better for your heart etc. He also takes Niacin 100mg Garlic 1200mg, a mens one a day with lycopene Magnesium, flax seed oil pills 1200mg these are great for that, fish oil 1000mg,folic acid 400mg b-12 500mg, we take these every day and the doctor said they were all the right things to reduce these problems and it really has helped. It has stayed down naturally with these vitamins. he still has to take his blood pressure meds. he is doing wonderfully and has lost about 45 pounds to boot. He still cheats but cutting out high cholseterol foods are the first step and then taking these vitamins. Eggs have 213 per egg, and you should eat no more than 300mg per day... so thats a no no..If you will also read about Red yeast Rice in the vitamin section it is a cholesterol reducing pill naturally. It says that it works just like the statins and will not damage your liver. It was supposed to be taken off the shelfs because it works so well but Walmart has it in our area. Hope this helps someone out there but really try and watch your foods and get to walking. It is what has saved him so far and believe me I have a husband that would never go to the doctor until our daughter the nurse told him he could die from this and he has done an about face. Yes he cheats once a week on something he would like but its not like he did everyday.He ate corn dogs for lunch frozen pancakes for breakfast all the fast food type lunch things and this is what did it. Thanks for reading this...


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Thank you for posting in Connie

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Connie, I agree completely with everything you said. I was taking Pravachol last fall and had some stiffness in my shoulder so I quit taking it and told the doctors office that I would try and work on lowering it myself. Through the yrs. I have gotten it down, then I get lazy about watching what I buy, like low fat soups, dressings, ice cream, etc. I used to use the Benecol and now I've started with it again. My SIL takes the Red Yeast Rice and Niacin under her doctors supervision. One kind is better than another of the Red Yeast Rice I believe. I haven't talked to her lately about it. I'm glad your husband has his under control now and thanks for posting what he is taking. If I HAVE to go on the prescription med., I hope I can get my chol. down and then get off the medicine too.

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I really believe if you will start taking all of these that yours will come down as well. He had only been on statins for 6 months and it was starting to show damage. It scared him enough, I was there in the office with him and confessed about all the vitamins that we were taking and she said they were all great and good and she really thought that that is why his levels dropped without his statins. I take the same things as well but am on metformin for my diabeties and also atenelol for my high blood pressure I also take chromium Piclonate and Green tea and he does not. I feel so much better while on them. I got sick last week with some fluke cold sinus thing and quit taking them for a few days and I was so tired and drawn out. Started back on the vitamins and it took 3 days to get built back up but all the tiredness went away and I feel so much better. Everyone whould be on those basic vitamins. I did not believe in them until he came down with the high cholesterol and started reading on the web what foods to eat and one thing led to another and I researched their qualitys so to Wal mart I went. It cost very little compared to his statins to take these and Dr OZ which has been on Oprah recomends them as well. Hoppe that you can get yours under control as well. Try these I think you and the doc will be amazed..


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I have printed out that information to save. I go to my doctor in about three weeks for the blood work and I may wait and ask her before starting on these, or I may start them before that. I wouldn't need to take the niacin as I'm already getting that. Is there any certain kind of those you listed that I should be looking for? I take a one a day vitamin and a liquid calcium/magnesium. Maybe if that works on me, then I can get my husband to try them and get him off the statins! He takes a lot of vitamins, but not all those you mentioned. Thanks!

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We get ours a Wal mart as we do not Have a k mart. They are so reasonable to buy. I would guess the liquid is good if you are gettiing enough. Not a nurse or Doctor, but I take a one a day with all those as well and the doctor didnt say we were over doing it. Some doctors do not believe in them at all. But they cannot hurt you if you don't overdose on any of them, I would think.. Now if I could just loose this weight overnight all things would be great. We also walk 2 miles a night at the school track. That has really helped his cholesterol..


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My doctor is a Traditional Chinese Medicine MD. My cholesterol was 317. I took Red Yeast Rice and in 6 weeks it was down to 240.

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Just an update.

In May I had my cholestrol checked and it was the same as last year.(268) It didn't go down, but it wasn't up either. My doctor said I should try the Pravachol again. I had been on it not quite 8 weeks and went back for another test this past week. It was down to 189 in just that time. They didn't say anything about any liver damage so that must be ok. I would like to try Connie's suggestion's and see what happens. If I can keep it around 200, I will be happy!

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Try the CONCENTRATED pomegranate juice (SAM'S 32 oz. bottle $18 in the health dept.); a friend tried it and was able to dx. her prescription Rx & keep cholesteral down. My husband also takes flush-free niacin and Garlique caps. which has helped also but he is now going to try the pomegranate juice.

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When I went to the doctor the last time, my cholesterol was only a tad lower. I have been on different medicines for a long time. Afraid I inherited some traits I'd rather not have.
Anyway, she told me she wanted me to take fish oil gel tabs, 2 a day and see if that would help. She's trying it too. Apparently research showed it did work. You might want to ask your doctor about it.
I'm leary of a lot of medicines due to side effects. Had my fill of those so when I go back hopefully the fish oil worked.
Good Luck

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My husband is taking Lipitor which is prescription but last year we heard that taking garlic pills will reduce the cholesterol level. My husbands began to climb and the dr. wanted to raise his miligrams. He tried for 2 months the garlic pills and his next bloods reading dropped 30 pts. Good Luck

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I have just stopped taking the Pravachol and started taking 1000 mg. of fish oil once a day. I use Benecol just about every day and I'm going to look for the flax seed oil pills also.

I was using the Pomegranate juice last year and quit taking it this spring. There is only one grocery store in our area that carries it and they keep raising the price!

I have heard that too about the garlic pills. I'm hoping that the fish oil and possibly the flax seed oil will keep my cholesterol down.

You mentioned folic acid and b-12. Are they for lowering cholesterol also? Thanks.


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I have taken Lecithin for 35 years once a day. I also make a milkshake of banana, strawberries, blueberries, milk, yogurt and oatmeal every day. My cholesterol is 110. The Lecithin takes several years to work, whereas the oatmeal milkshake starts immediately.

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You have to try the cardorenew. It totally made my mother in laws clogged arteries with a 95% blockage, to totally clean. It eats away at the plaque. It's an EDTA chelation (sorry for spelling errors) but anyway it's pricey $189 but much cheaper than recovering from a stroke or paying for angioplasty surgery where they remove plaque. The doctors told her the circulatory system was now clean and no need for surgery because blockage was gone. I am a believer! The best price I've seen it for was from the same place I get my skin cancer cream simpledefeat.com

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It is rather late to jump in to this discussion but I have researched on high cholesterol and consistantly have come up with Policosanol as #1 and Red Yeast Rice #2.
Policosanol 15 mg. per day
Others are garlic, green tea and a high fibre diet.
Be very careful when buying fish oil. Most contain high levels of mercury and metals. Find a brand that states that their product contains no metals. Also be sure that it has been molecularly distilled. Carlson, Nordic and Pharmax are all free of metals and molecularly distilled. Fish oil is an excellent anti inflammatory. Everyone should be taking fish oil for the omega 3. The typical American diet is loaded with omega 6 . Proper diet should be a 2 to 1 ratio ..Two on the omega 6 and 1 on the omega 3. The average American diet has a ratio of 20-60 to 1. Not good. Take 1-2 tablespoons per day of the liquid fish oil unless you like taking several caps to make up the difference. DR. Mercola recommends fish oil and pro-biotics to every one of his patients. His web site and newsletter are excellent. You can research cholesterol, policosanol and just about any disease and his website. It is very informative. He is a medical doctor who practces Alternative Medicine.


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I am joining the discussion late, as my cholesteral is way too high and I want to try to get it down by over the counter products. Do any of you have any experience in taking fiber for this? If so, what brand?

What else have you tried that works? Please continue to update us.

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My cholesterol is high but its on the borderline of needing prescription cholesterol meds just as mentioned in the case above. I was given the option to take meds right away or try to lower it naturally on my own. My doctor recommended that I reduce my cholesterol by diet. I have found the site linked helpful in changing my lifestyle to accommodate for my hyperlipidemia.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cholesterol Friendly

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It's my understanding red yeast rice as it was originally sold contained natural statins and was a very good OTC supplement for lowering cholesterol. I have a very good friend here that took it and swore by it. But, the original formula was banned in the US and came back with the statins removed. I wonder how well the replacement works now. Does anyone know?

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I've used the parafin based niacin; I think it's also called nicotinic acid. The therapeutic effect takes place between 1500mg to 3000mg/day. With me, 2500mg works. I use the Enduracin product. Must take it with food. I take 1000 @ breakfast, 1000@lunch & 500@ dinner. I had to build up to it: 250 1st wk, 500 2nd & 3rd wk, 1000 2nd month, etc. The oatbran book by Kowalski mentioned it and that's how I learned of it. Been on it since the early 1980's. The great thing about it is it raises the HDL (good chol), reverses blockages & lowers total chol & the bad LDL. Diet does not solve the problem, because with most of us, our body produces it no matter what we eat. I was disappointed in first 6 months: my chol. dramatically increased....but that was because the chol was being released from the tissues into the bloodstream, for destruction by the liver. I think the niacin uses up the bile, and the liver pulls in cholesterol to make more bile. Not sure why it works. When started, my total chol was over 400, the HDL was 11, and LDL was up off the charts. After 9 months, and to the present time, my tot chol is 104, HDL 50+ & LDL less than 40. It's a nuissance, but it works. REMEMBER, regular blood tests & consult with your MD.

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This is a very good thread and I hope it keeps going. I read alot of good info on here. Anyone have any good suggestions on using something that works within days instead of weeks or months? I go for blood work in 4 days and got that feeling I need to get the bad stuff under control. I was taking omega 3 fish oils 1200 mg and garlic 1000 mg. I currently was put on lisinopril for blood pressure control. Would appreciate all suggestions.

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I have had 2 doctors and 3 nurses tell me, nothing helps cholesterol after you reach a certain age. It took 30 to 40 years to build up in your system. If you take meds for it and your cholesterol goes down, it doesn't mean the blockage is going away. I have minor blockage like anyone my age would have. The only time I have seen my cholesterol down was one summer when I ate a lot of cantaloupe.

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