Strange Tennis Elbow SYmptom

snakehipsMarch 12, 2008


My doctor just diagnosed tennis elbow but one symptom she couldn't explain was a permanently cold index finger. Has anyone else experienced this?

Slightly worrying....

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I think the diagnosis of tennis elbow is rather vague. I have had it time and again, and not just playing tennis, but with an additional symptom, I think you might need s more specific diagnosis. Is the swelling pushing a nerve? Did you have the cold finger before the elbow pain? Is it a different color than the rest of your fingers? Is it always cold, and cold alone? I would ask about a neurologist or hematologist, and ask about an MRI scan.

Unless the doctor could say what causes it, you are possibly going to stress about it, so why not find out what it is?

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