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chisueMarch 15, 2013

I feel like an open cashdrawer for medical specialists. Do I really need more 'treatments' or surgeries, or is it just their extreme focus? ("If you're a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.") I am sick of being examined "in parts" and not the whole person.

I'll lay out my situation and ask for suggestions on where I can get a more holistic opinion on what to do next (if anything).

I'm 72. I've had multiple breast biopsies because 'something' didn't quite look right "and we need to be sure it's not a cancer" -- all negative. I've had my share of absolutely necessary surgeries too: Two hip replacements, a staghorn calculus removed, etc.) I've also had THREE sinus surgeries -- two were useless thanks to 'timid' MD's; third was a success. An eager-to-operate GYN removed one of my ovaries -- over a 'chocolate' cyst! -- before I was 30, resulting in infertility -- and a long abdominal scar.

I'm prefacing with that to show where I'm coming from: Distrust. I have always had excellent medical insurance, and I'm feeling 'taken', even though *I* am not paying personally.

Now I'm told I 'must' have another surgery "to see what it is". The 'it' is a slightly raised 'bump' pushing into my colon opposite the appendix. (The surgeon also wants to take out the appendix.)

I have no discomfort there. I wouldn't even know about the bump had I not had a normal check-up colonoscopy that led to a second one with endoscopy . (Always benign results.) I suppose I have *other* bumps in my body were we to LOOK for them! These findings date back to November.. I'm to have another colonoscopy to 'look again' -- in May. I'm sure if my 'bump' is still visible, I'll be told to have the surgery.


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Well it is your choice. If it was me I would stay away from doctors unless they can give me a guaranty to fix my problem if not they are only using you as a meal ticket. Doctors are not by law forced to cure you even if they know there is a cure but they can make lots of money treating symptoms. Lots of medical problems are vitamin and mineral deficiency but doctors either don't know because they are not trained in those fields only drugs.

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I can see where you're coming from in distrusting doctors! I tend to be the same way. If it were me, I'd wait on that lump but I'm not a dr, don't even play one on tv, so ymmv.

I have a friend who has had so many surgeries in the last 5 yrs. It started with skin cancer which was over-treated. The excessive radiation burned her intestines, which led to a bowel resection & colostomy bag. Of course, every time she goes to the surgeon, they find something & just cut on her. I keep reminding her, surgeons do surgery, don't go to them for anything until your reg. dr. refers you! They're always going to recommend surgery when in doubt. But we don't have to have surgery or tons of procedures-sometimes they're done for defensive medicine which is problematic in many ways.

What I've learned to do is ask my Dr., what will happen if I don't take this med/have this test/procedure? What should I watch for, and when do I call you? It surprised my Dr. the first time I asked it, now she knows where I stand. But I wouldn't nec. recommend my medical advice, I tried drinking pepto bismal & rocking all night in agony before I decided to take a shower & go to my Dr. when my appendix nearly burst. I have a high pain tolerance they said right before surgery.

Had to take a shower & of course wouldn't go to ER, tho that's where Dr. sent me immediately. I'm a little hard headed.Good luck with your issue, hope you don't need surgery...

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There are things doctor can't diagnose and a lot they can't cure. In most cases they can help with the symptoms.

I have a minor incurable disease and am very pleased my doc can help with the discomfort. I have trusted all of my doctors until they started this over medicating and getting angry at patients for not following their instructions. I have tried several doctors since that started and finally found one who lets me make my own decisions. He makes suggestions if there is a problem and lets me make decide what to do without getting angry at me.

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If you are a senior get you a good geriatric dr,Went to the doctor once and she found three really wrong things.I have a double brain tumor sugar and some kidney proublems.None of them gave me any pain just slowed down a bit.I'm 83 years old and I go thursday to make the big decideing factor.Get a good doctor and take each day with God's help and go on.

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I am 76 and I am not going to do anything to prolong my life and if I get diagnosed with a terminal death filled with pain and no quality, I will end my life. I don't want to outlive my memory and end up in a care home.

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My mother has artificial hips, knees and shoulders.. As well as a severe bone "dis-ease... I would lookup on YouTube Dr.Robert Morse.. Get his book "detox miracle source book", it might just be the best thing you can do for your health.. No worries!

Best of luck,

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