Colloidal Silver

kjatnealMarch 28, 2006

Anyone using colloidal silver out there? My in-laws swear by it. I've used it a few times but didn't see much of a result. How many days do you use it? or, Do you take it every day as maintenance? Any ideas or suggestions?

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Check out this site. Be sure to scroll down and read from the "Critical Studies" part to the end.

Here is a link that might be useful: Can you Believe this?

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I used to wonder about it myself years ago.....I never took it, but knew this old couple who did....I, even then, did not believe it would be good for you.....I have that Quack Watch in my favorites and forgot about it....Excellent Read!! kjaneal, how did the in-laws react to the article?

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I know it makes you turn a sickly greyish blue

There are NO reliable studies showing it does more than move money into the pockets of the promoters.

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I have used it for years and it works wonderfully. I used to have to take antibiotics for: earaches and sinus infections. This does the trick! There were only two cases that I've seen where it turned the skin blue. This only happened when people drank non pure silver. I make my own with my beck silver pulser (generator). I personally think every home should have it...especially with all of the resistant strains there are now. This kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus. It's not something you just drink once and except a miracle. If I am sick, I drink several ounces 3/day until I feel better. Don't trust everything you read on quackwatch. I heard the pharmaceuticals are behind the scenes. I use Cansema for my skin cancer and couldn't believe they had the nerve to put it on there. Cansema worked better than surgery for my cancers. I remember the days when chiropractors were quacks too. Try things for yourself before you believe everything you read!

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