urgent advice on home theater screen

myrnabirdieMay 5, 2009

We have to decide between Vutec Elegante 110" fixed screen vs Screen Innovation reference series 110" fixed screen by tomorrow. Cost for Vutec is quoted as $900.00 and SI as $1800. I would like to go with Vutec simply due to cost. But if there are advantages of SI, I could do it since the screen would be for a while.

The room is dedicated home theater with dark brown wall and cealing and carpet. The windows will have black out blinds. It is a large room with two rows of chairs.

Thanks for your input.

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Have you sent out for screen samples?

I received samples from a few companies when I was screen shopping. All were free. Even though I requested just a couple from some manufacturers, then sent an entire packet will samples of all of their screen materials. Most were in the 10" to 12" square range.

I taped them all up as one large screen and turned on the projector. We slowly whittled things down until we had a winner that performed best in all viewing conditions.

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Wow, what a great idea. Are you willing to share the companies you were able to get a free sample from?


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Dalite, Stewart, and Carada.

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What projector are you using?

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I have a Panasonic AX-100U. Not 1080, it's 720.

Known as a "light cannon" when it came out several year ago, at 2000 lumens it's very bright. There's a known problem with this projector regarding the auto dynamic iris. It tends to stick.

Shutting off the dynamic iris doesn't help, for when you turn the projector on it undergoes an "auto check" of the iris, and if it sticks during the auto check the projector automatically shuts down.

Mine did start sticking after about 18 months. I took mine apart and did a home made repair that has held up ever since.

I've had my projector for almost 4 years now, and I'm still on the original bulb. Maybe 2300 hours on it.

It's performed wonderfully over the years, and still puts out a great picture today, even with the well-used bulb.

I'm at the stage now where I know the bulb will go one day. I'm trying to decide on getting a replacement bulb for $400 or a new projector.

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