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lisa98112May 1, 2006

Anyone have this for DirectTV? We currently have the DirectTV tivos, but with our old CRT tv. Thinking of taking the plunge and buying an HD ready Plasma. But since we watch the majority of our tv through the Tivo or prerecorded it only makes sense to get this too. Just curious if people liked it and how the picture quality was.

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Go to the link at bottom... which is a great resource for what you have now, and when there, go to the forum entitled "HDTV TiVo Powered PVRs " to find out FAQs and all you need to know about the HR10-250.

Yes, we have one, we love it, the only HD TiVo model available is called the HR10-250, and you will find out all you want there!

Have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tivo Community Forums

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I have Comcast Cable with an HD converter that has a built in dvr which records HD programs complete with 5.1 dolby surround sound.I don't see why direct tv doesn't offer the same service,I'd contact them to find out.

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We've had a HR10-250 since last fall. We don't have HD and got it mainly for the extra capacity for SD. We like it. It seems to have a better SD picture compared to the old Directv with TIVO which was a SAT-60.

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I've had the HD Tivo since last November. I like it very much. The picture quality is great, and I like the way it integrates the antenna channels in the program guide. My only complaints about it are that it's slow, slow, slow, and the software hasn't been kept up to date, as with the SD Tivo, so you can't have multiple episodes of the same program in a group folder, for instance.

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I'm a long time TiVo user and after getting an HD pvr from my cable company I went through severe TiVo withdrawls - the other pvr's just don't have the same user friendly functionality of TiVo. So, we switched to DirecTv and the HD TiVo and haven't looked back. The picture quality is outstanding - the HD is perfect and SD is better than it was with cable.

My understanding is that DirecTv will be releasing their own non-TiVo HD pvr's soon (if they haven't already). Personally, I'm happy to have my TiVo.

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You are better off waiting to find out what directv is going to do. They did not renew their licensing agreement with Tivo and its fairly widely known that with them moving to a new encoding technology that the original HD-Tivo's will not be compatible going forward.

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I have the regular TiVo unit with standard TV. I also have an HDTV which I just switched to Cablevision HD DVR. There is absolutely no comparison. TiVo is much easier to use and much better. I agree with mwkbear that the Tivo unit is too slow compared with Cablevision's HD DVR, but it is far more user friendly.

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I just got a free HD-Tivo installed on Monday. There are lots of threads on the deal at the various HT forums: Tivo Community, Home Theater Spot, AVS, Satellite Guys, etc.

If anyone is looking to upgrade, now is a great time to look into it!

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I just switched from standard Tivo to comcast HDTV 2 tuner box. I was starting to have issues with Tivo. Their customer service is falling off rapidly and while I love the Tivo interface the hardware is out of date. Its like running Windows XP on a Pentium II its so slow and boxes are starting to fail left and right due to the strain. I like the dual recording and HDTV ability of the Comcast box, but I have issues with Comcast's HDTV signal quality (lots of pixelation). I also don't really like the way the PVR works. Its very finicky, the 2nd tuner is not as strong as the main one, and its very easy to cancel a recording in progress without knowing it (no confirmation, it just stops). I've heard that Comcast has inked a deal with Tivo, and the equipment is forthcoming. We'll see how that works out. Tivo software will solve many problems I see, and it should be running on new equipment. They still have work to do on their signal quality though, at least in my market. Just a hint, Comcast no longer requires subscription to one of their digital packages to get the DVR. You also don't have to pay for the DVR and HDTV as all their current DVRs have it. I pay $10 for basic cable and another $10 for the DVR and rarely don't have something to watch as I usually record and watch later.
Tivo and DirectTv no longer have a partnership. While the DirectTv Tivos still work, they no longer get Tivo software updates. I've also heard DirectTv uses HDTV "lite" which is not full resolution.
As far as HDTV offering and DVR I think Dish Network is leading the field right now while everyone else is just jockeying for market position and trying to get hardware and software that all works together.

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