Whole house sounds system newbie.

ncchuckMay 26, 2010

My wife and I have a new build and we will be wiring the house for sound. I would like to do it myself but have no idea how to go about it. I also want to use the iPad as the user interface with the system. I want as basic and simple a system as possible. I don't need to shake the walls or rattle the windows with gigantic speakers. I need suggestions as to what products I need to investigate. With the iPad I would like to control source and overall volume. It is not necessary to be able to listen to different sources from room to room. Since I am wiring the house should I also wire it so the computer/iPad controls overall video/TV and other house features such as exterior/interior lights? Would that require someone with a great deal of knowledge to accomplish or can anyone do it? Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

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While the iPad has apps available to talk to the equipment that controls what you desire, I think first you need to look at the cost of that equipment, and that fact that most if not all is only sold through installing dealers. It's an understatement to say that it can get very expensive.

Running lighting control circuits should have been addressed prior to installing the existing electrical.

Distributing the overall video/TV takes a lot of planning, design, equipment, interfaces, and then pulling a lot of different wire and cable to meet those needs.

I really don't mean to sound negative about what you want to do, but it required planning before the build and a substantial budget. You can still run a more traditional system (if you haven't sheet rocked already) by running in-wall stereo speaker wiring, including in-wall volume level controls, to each room and then back to where your entertainment equipment will be - commonly referred to as "home runs".

From there, you could find consumer price range equipment to provide you with the ability to provide whole house audio.

Once again I don't mean to sound negative, and I don't know your budget, but most of these whole house control systems get into many tens of thousands of dollars.

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