Acid reflux - GERD

alenamariaMarch 3, 2006

Hi guys,

Does any from you have any ideas and experience how to handle attack of pain?.

What is the best food for you, what helps to you?

I know basic rules and visited so many sites to find more - but nothing really works for me. I finished eating rice pudding and crackers with banana as a feast food... :-(

I read that apples are supposed to be OK - and finished having horrible, horrible night after couple of small bites from it. I am scarred to eat anything at the end. I can survive on strong diet but after some time of eating my present diet I think I will get sick from malnutrition.

Any suggestions from your experience would be appreciated.

This stuff really sucks...


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I hope you are seeing a physician about this. Proper medication can help alot. Over the counter things won't. It can lead to dangerous conditions if not handled properly. It may take weeks for your esophogus to heal. Be patient. No coffee or other caffine, several small normal meals are better that just three ones until you are better. No alcohol. Do not eat before bedtimes.
Hope you are better soon

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Have you seen a doctor yet?

A few years ago I thought I had GERD. Horrible indigestion, sometimes so bad it felt like I was having a heart attack. But the reflux action is what led me to think I had GERD. However, an upper GI test was completely normal! That surprised me because of not only the discomfort I'd had for more than a year, but also because whenever I took even a tiny sip of wine, it burned my esophagus all the way down.

Not liking to take medication, I chose instead to make major changes to my diet. I eliminated creamy dishes (pot pies, casseroles, cream pies, etc.), spicy foods (onions, garlic, tomatoes, chili, etc.), chocolate, and coffee (and, of course, all alcohol which I rarely drank anyway). I also reduced my overall fat intake (fries, etc.) and I didn't eat after about 6:00 PM, 3-4 hours before bedtime. Oh, and I also ate small meals.

After a few months or so I noticed a lot of improvement. I had MUCH less heartburn, reflux, and overall discomfort. I haven't had any of the horrible heart-attack-like pain since then. Occasionally I eat some of those foods (actually, probably more than I should now), but the most offending food which I still don't eat is heavy creamy things like the pot pies, cream pies, etc. I haven't had a serious attack since I changed my diet.

I'd make lifestyle changes before I'd take medication every day, but you still should see a doctor to have your symptoms checked out and properly treated. Your case may require medication to promote healing.


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Thank you guys,
I cannot see doctor since we lost our insurance and our financial situation is quite tight... :-(
So we "cure" ourselves with internet help. I know it is wrong but that is what we are able to do in this moment.
Anyway - I am on pretty strong diet, I lost 12lb in two weeks - at least that is pleasant side of problem. :-)

And I am already much better. Only problem is that I am scarred to eat anything "normal" since pain can be quite bad. I guess you know what it takes to have pain attack. And I miss some pasta with tomato sauce...and morning coffee...
Still, thank you,

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I don't have GERD but when I'm stressed my stomach produces lots of acid.

I find poached eggs work great as does peanut butter on white bread. My stomach really seems to like the fat.

Bananas are awful for me - they just make things worse.

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No oily fatty things for me - that is the worst. I even cannot eat yoghurts, my milk is max. 1%...well, it is not easy... :-)
But after 2-3 weeks of VERY strong diet I am better, much better. So if somebody has reflux - I guess it is valid for all - be on diet and it will get better.
I was eating oats, cereals, not too much wholegrain bread, little amount of low-fat cream cheese, some pudding, crackers, bananas and drinking lot of roibos tea. And here I am feeling happy - I do not hurt anymore. And I lost weight. Still - I have to be careful and I guess I can forget my favorite chinesse restaurant. But I can eat more and more different food. So it is good.
Still...I would really enjoy some pizza with lot of tomato sauce and cheese... :-)
Thanks guys for replies.

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I have acid reflux real bad but no pain. I've been taking medication for years and keep changing because they all help for awhile and then they don't anymore. I think maybe I'll try changing my diet.

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Still...I would really enjoy some pizza with lot of tomato sauce and cheese... :-)

Does anyone remember the ads for acid-reflux medication that were on TV and in the magazines a while back? The voice said "It's different for people with acid reflux...", while the sufferer envisioned thumb tacks pouring from a gravy boat while everyone else around the table was happily enjoying their food. My favorite was a magazine ad showing a slice of pizza, and the slice turned into the edge of a saw blade the closer it got to the pointed end.... with the words "It's different for people with acid reflux." LOL!! They were hilarious to me because they are SO TRUE!

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I used to suffer greatly. When my symptoms were at their worst I lost all my hunger response. I never got hungry no matter how long between meals. I decided to use this to my advantage and lose some weight. I kept having these episodes where I felt my blood pressure drop and I became dizzy and light headed - a major pain while driving to work. When I went back to the doctor she added up all the calories I consumed in a day and yelled at me for not eating enough!!! A large sized man cannot function on less than 1000 calories in a day. oops.

I used to think it was the sausage or pepporoni on the pizza that caused the problem because that is what the aftereffects tasted like. Wrong! it was the tomato sauce. To this day I rarely eat tomatoes or rich foods. Surprisingly things like jalapeno peppers and onions do not cause a problem for me - but something intense like a jelly bean candy will give me three days of heartburn (and I mean ONE candy!). I was not much of a candy eater before so my problems came and went randomly, which made pinning down the problem causers that much harder. Sugar is my number one enemy - overly sweet foods cause most of my problems.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - read about apple cider vinegar. It has been a godsend to me! If I end eating too much food or something I ate makes me uncomfortable all I do is slurp/sip a capfull of vinegar. It burns like heck going down and for a few moments you'll be convinced you have just poisoned yourself but soon thereafter you will notice ALL of your symptoms gone and gone for hours. Now I take a dose of vinegar every evening before going to bed and not only is my stomach doing better but all sorts of health problems are gone. It truly has been a wonder cure for me. Just remember that it is a strong harsh chemical and you only want to take tiny doses of it - and to wait ten minutes before you attempt to sue me for this advice. Everyone I know that can get over the taste raves about its curing powers.

Also, pay attention to how you position your head when you sleep. I used to prop myself up on many pillows, and I raised up the head of my bed by 4 inches. After the vinegar cure entered my life I starting sleeping on a single very flat pillow and it has greatly helped me at night. Its almost as if you sleep with any bend in your throat it signals your stomach to produce too much acid. Well, in my experience at least.

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Triangle you sound just like me. I have all the same problems except for needing to raise the head of the bed. Once I lay down the acid reflux just go away. I'm sure gonna try that vinegar though.

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do not sleep on your left side as this aids acid to leak - sleep on your right side too

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My son and I both suffer from acid reflux. I was an x-ray tech for years and did tons of Upper GI's. The doc always had the same advice for the patients with acid reflux - raise the head of your bed with some 2x4's underneath. It has really worked for both me and my son. If we are on vacation a few days and away from our beds, we really notice a difference. I actually got one of those adjustable beds (from roomstogo) and I just leave the head cranked up at night. My son spent a couple of nights sleeping on the couch during spring break and totally regretted that move! Good Luck!

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