Wanted! Hearing Aid Info.

calpatMarch 23, 2005

I went to a place yesterday on a complimentary hearing test. When we got thru, the man said his made to order aid would cost me $4500.00. When I asked for references he told me that since the new confidentally law came into effect he couldn't reveal any of his clients. It seems he designs his own aids, so there is no way to check this instrument for quality, etc. I've gone to "google" & just printed out 13 pages from "Hearing Plant", but the print is so small it'll take a magnifying class to read it. If any of you wear a hearing aid would you please respond with your evaluation? I know they are expensive, but I do think the price he quoted was a bit much. TIA Pat

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Yes, it was high. You need to go to a good ENT doctor to have your ears checked and have him recommend the type that you need. You may have the kind of hearing loss that aids will not help. You may need only one. My BIL spent a small fortune trying to get an aid from a non-medical source. Finally we talked him into getting a proper exam. He had a problem with the auditory nerves not responding, not just the usual hearing loss that aids help..

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Thank you Pee Bee, I'll make an appointment with my ENT as you suggested. Pat

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My husband purchased new hearing aids about 5 years...digital not analog, and Totally in the Canal. Small buggers they are. He paid $5K for them (2.5 each). Again that was 5 years ago. I would think the cost would go down, but we haven't priced them so I do not know. He went to a reputable hearing aid place (he'd been going to this one since a child). I think these are made by sieman, VERY reputable. He even got a warranty (well worth it) for 5 years. I don't know if ENT is really needed, but a reputable audiologist is. Here in MN they often will do the hearing test for free, and then give recommendations, and NOT expect a purchase on the spot. They do NOT make their own, they have many brands from many suppliers. They also help you decide what's best for you. Maybe totally in the canal is not needed, maybe just an In the Ear (or is it called in the canal????), anyway they don't show but are larger than a fingernail (which is what my husbands is). There are also behind the ear that work well. All can be digital, and the cost goes down with the size of the hearing aid (larger aid, smaller price).

The sad part is that hearing aids are not covered by my medical insurance (which is excellent in all other areas). So that sucked. Get the warranty, it won't cover it if the dog eats it, (don't ask), but will cover if the aid goes wacko, or a piece breaks off. For $150 and piece of mind it was worth it. I think they did go in once a year for fixing.


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When I got mine they also gave me a month trial and if I didn't like them I could return them for my complete money back. Mine are not the In the Canal ones and I wish that I had spent the extra money for them.

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Update...we're pricing new aids for my husband. The kind he likes (VERY small, totall in the canal) run about the same as they did 5 years ago. I was surprised. BUT the technology is WAY better. We think next year is the year for new ones, so we'll price them again at that time.

What did you decide?


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Well after checking with ENT I decided to do some research, so Google here I am!I found a place called Hearing Planet & called them. They sent me lots of literature on their products avail. It seems they are some sort of clearing house between manufacturer and audiologists. They set up an appointment for me with a hearing aid firm right here in town. Went to him and yes his degrees in this field were visible and authentic. In some cases he could beat the price of that which H.Planet quoted. After he recommended the type that I would need, he called H.Planet & told them about the difference. They agreed on his price, which saved me a few dollars, then he took the ear canal impressions and in about 12 days I went in for the fitting. I'm impressed by the service I get from H.Planet and this young audiologist has been very thorough., I couldn't leave his office till I got the hang of inserting the device, then he fine tuned it for me and I go back in a week to see if I need more adjustments. Total amount was $2300. with cleaning kit, travel kit & a supply of batteries, etc. However when I went outside to parking lot, I soon found out what a noisey world I live in. Biggest thrill and also the scaryest.The traffic noises, plus a weird noise in my car upset me till I realized the directional lever was on. At home, every footstep on my hardwood floors was heard. Passed by telephone just as it rang, nearly blew my head off. I'm sorry about the long story but this is going to be one more adventure in my life & I'm so excited, especially hearing the outside sounds. Oh yes, when I got home I had a tub of laundry to do and the dishwasher was loaded. At first I thought everything was broken with all the splashing from washer and the water cycles that the dishwasher was making. It's been so long since I've heard these sounds that every creaky noise I hear now is a signal to investigate it.My thanks to all of you who guided me through this procedure. Do first things first!

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For those of you that need a hearing aid but just can't afford one, check out your United Way. They do partner with some hearing centers and provide grants for low income people. They will ask you how much you CAN afford and if you qualify will cover the rest. I had one person get one for $45.00 and another person who got them for $200.00

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I'm not at the stage I really need one but am told by wearers that it is better to get one before the hearing gets too bad as then it is harder to get used to all the new sounds of a hearing aid ... that is when many wind up in the dresser drawer! My audiologist said I can try out different ones for free to find the best one for me. I will follow this posting to get others' input to the original posting!

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My Mom lives pretty far from me and she is trying to buy hearing aids. She has heard about Hearing Planet and was told that the prices are significantly lower than other places but, while she wants to save the money, she is skeptical. Can anybody provide info on their experience dealing with Hearing Planet? Also, am I right in assuming that the way it works is you go to your regular audiologist but order the device from Hearing Planet. Any info will be appreciated.
TIA :)

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Rob....have Mom call Hearing Planet, they will assist her in making an appointment with a local audiologist. Re-read my post of April 19, 05. I've had the same instruments now for a bit over two years and they are still in good condition. The local people that I was referred to have been just great and it costs me nothing to take my aids
in for cleaning, adjustments, etc. Pat
p.s. tried to send you e-mail it was returned!

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I have been going to an audiologist for several years ... they are not in the business of just selling hearing aids. Just the last appt. he said I was at the point now that I could benefit from hearing aids & I could try some for 6 weeks for just the $300.00 of reconditioning them again if I did not want them after the 6 weeks trial period. Think if I did decide to buy them they would be $2000.00 for the pair. He also said that since I am outdoors so much (esp. in summer)that I should take them off when outdoors as the worst things that hurt the hearing aids were dust & moisture. I'd have to think about them then as that in summer would mean the aids would be off most of the day! He also said the reason most people keep the aids in a drawer instead of wearing them (!) is because they wait too long before getting them when they do need them is the change in being able to hear so much better is so much of a drastic change & hard to adjust ... said not to wait so long to get them! Isn't it awful when at the age when we need dental, eye & hearing care that most insurance policies won't cover?!

Just my feelings, but I wouldn't go to any of those hearing aid places that are just in the business for selling hearing aids though I'm sure some are alright. The audiologist exams were so much more thorough & I was never pressured to get aids ... instead- until this year- was told I wasn't yet ready for them!

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DH tried them when they were having a 30 day trial on them. He hated hearing all the sounds he wasn't used to.
Now he says "I love my ears" He hears only what he wants to.

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Tried the hearing aids that were computer adjusted to my hearing problems & tried them for a month for $100 re-stocking fee. This place is a hearing & speech therapy place so is not just in the business of selling hearing aids as so many others are.

These computer adjusted custom aids for my ears worked fine... what I now could hear was great!! But, with my arthritic hands, the tiny aids were difficult for me to put in ( and they had to be removed at night before going to sleep) & batteries only lasted a couple of weeks & I was afraid I would lose them or they would fall out as I do a lot of outdoor yard work. I returned the aids & wish they were bigger (not concerned about them being visable!) & batteries lasted longer. The improved hearing was great though!
To buy the aids would cost $5000! No insurance coverage either under my coverage.

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