Need lighting help in home theater room

trudymomMay 31, 2006

We are trying to figure out our can lighting for our theater room, which is 12 x 16, with a ceiling mounted projector. Any suggestions or tips? Would sconces be better?

Thank you!

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I finished the lighting in my basement (soon to be theatre room) which was 13'X24'. I ran three rows of 6" cans and staggered them and spaced the cans approximately 5' apart. I put the 2 outside rows on 1 dimmer and the middle row on a different dimmer. If you decide to do something similar make sure you get a dimmer that can handle the amount of lights you put on it. You will definitely want dimmers on your lights though. good luck

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Assuming the screen is mounted on a 12' wall.

1. Standard can lights mounted at 4', 8' and 12'. 3' from the sidewalls.

2. Mini can lights mounted at 2' from both end and side walls.

3. Wall sconces mounted at 4' and 8'. Possibly at 12' as well, if the room allows.

4. Step lights mounted at 1' from floor level, possibly in platfrom riser as well.

4. Control it all with a 6 zone Grafik Eye (which is remote operable).

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I used all can lighting in my home theatre. Three banks of six - four in the front, six in the rear, and six as "wall washes" (actually eyeballs).

They're operated using Powerline Control Systems' SceneMaster controllable dimmers. I have mine controlled via the IR universal remote.


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I used Insteon dimmers from HD also carries them (but not in Manhattan). They are fully programmable, and, so far, I am very happy with them.

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