Ceramic tile --- maximum weight allowance?

flowermumJuly 26, 2011

I have a very heavy statue that I want to place onto my ceramic tile hearth and was wondering if anyone knew how much weight ceramic tile (Daltile) could withstand?

The tile floor has a concrete slab substrate.

The statue sits on a 2' x 1' concrete base. The majority of the weight is concentrated in the base.

I would guess the total weight to be approximately 60+ lbs.

If I placed wheels on the base of the statue or sat it upon 2x4 blocks, would that help distribute the weight better on the tile floor?


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The tile can handle 60 lb on a 1ft x 2ft base with no problem at all..

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Generally speaking, tiles are very strong. Ours has a rating of '5' on that wear/strength scale (forgot what it's called) and it can withstand a lot. We have a massive object that's probably 300lb+ on a 2x3 area. No tiles have broken or cracked.

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Thank you both for answering. I feel much more confident now about putting it on the hearth. Now I have to convince DH. If it does break I will NEVER hear the end of it.

: )

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