Painfully Dry Hands

momrox4March 15, 2006

My teenaged son works in the meat department of a grocery store chain; one of his duties is cleaning the meat cutting equipment every day in scalding hot water. He wears rubber gloves but his hands are still extremely dry, red and chapped and are cracking around the knuckles. Before I take him to a dermatologist, can anyone recommend something to alleve the problem? He uses Cornhuskers but it hasn't helped much.

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Does he also wear gloves when working with the meat?

You can get "glove liners" - snug cotton knit things to wear under the food prep gloves to absorb the sweat.

Also there is a "silicon glove" hand cream that basically waterproofs your skin for several hours.

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We get either Vaseline Brand Creamed Petroleum Jelly or the store brand, about 2.50 a tube. It is thicker than peanut butter, just rub in a good amount before going to sleep, and if you can put on more during the day, it'll make a difference. But your son still needs to address what's drawing the moisture from his using gloves. I know they aren't very convenient for gripping, but it'd make a great deal of difference. When he is NOT working with his hands, he needs to have the Creamed Vaseline on them. Good Luck! We use this on cracked heels too...

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One of those paraffin hand treatment gadgets (the kind that heat the paraffin and you dunk your hand in) is great for this. The paraffin they supply comes mixed with mineral oil and your hands come out wonderfully soothed and greased up. You can use regular paraffin and just add some mineral oil after you use up the blocks supplied with the gadget. they are very heap at Walmart or Target or?

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If the gloves are made of latex, he might have developed a latex allergy. In that case, hydrocortisone cream might help.

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If he's developed a latex allergy, he needs to use non-latex gloves.

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I agree with Oldroser. We have a nice wax dip, VERY nice for your hands. Best way to use it...
1. purchase
a. wax machine
b. baggies...gallon size cheap baggies, not zip lock
c. 2 cheap oven mitts
d.get some nice hand lotion

Now this is best to have a friend/someone at least help: put hand lotion on, don't have to work in too well, dip in wax oh about 3-4 times (wait a few seconds between dips..until wax is not shiney anymore), have someone help you put the baggie on your hand..put the oven mitt over your hand. Repeat with other hand. LEave on 15-20 minutes. Take off oven mitt, peal off wax into plastic bag, toss. You'll love how your hands feel! Repeat as often as you wish. Personally I like the professional wax


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I just starte using Burt's Bees hand repair cream. Amazing stuff - it's the one that comes in the purple tube. I had some places on my hands that were cracked and bleeding and just wouldn't clear up. I used it every day for several days and it cleared right up. Now I use it all of the time.

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I like Neutrogena hand cream. I agree, have him wear cotton gloves to bed after slathering lots of the cream on. This will help a lot.

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I strongly recommend Moisturel cream (not the lotion), which my dermatologist told me to use. It's the only thing that works on my (formerly) cracked, bleeding hands, and I tried a lot of other creams and lotions.

Moisturel can be hard to find, as only real drugstores carry it; the places that sell lawn furniture, etc., don't usually have it. You can get it on, though. It's not cheap, but you can save a lot of money by buying the larger size jar.

Good luck.

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