Who are you and how do you cope?

heydeborahJuly 29, 2011

im debbie, live in canada. i lost my husband of 25 years a little over 4 years ago. he was a double above the amputee because of being diabetic. he had a massive stroke and we decided to have life support turned off right away. i have i daughter still at home, she just graduated from university in may with 2 degrees and a shih tzu named grace joy devine that my dh got my 3 weeks before he passed. to cope i walk 4 miles one way to the cemetery everyday to visit him. i walk 10 miles a day to try to destress and quilt and knit.

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He Deborah,
We have been on this site together for quite a while now, I am sorry that you had a bad night but it happens and probably always will.
Who am I - I am an Enlish girl who came to NY to be a nanny for one year but three days after I landed as JFK I met the love of my life and we had 41 wonderful years together, 37 1/2 years of marrage. Until then I didn't know that love like that was possible. Bob has been gone for almost 5 years and I still have bad days (and nights) and I am sure I always will. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and yet other days it feels like he is getting further and further away so I am glad for a bad day to bring him back. Does that make sense?
Knitting has been my saving grace, almost as soon as he passed I went to the library in town and offered to teach a knitting class, I have met some wonderful ladies and we are still going. I have joined Senior Citizen clubs and the Red Hatters and I have fun but they are just a distraction, when I get home I am alone again. I retired last year and some said I would regret it but I don't, work was great for the first 3 years but then it started getting in the way of things I wanted to do.
What knitting project are you working on right now? My class are doing to-up socks and a neat scarf with a collar.

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wish our library taught stuff, i live one block from a place called the 55plus senior center, haven't had the nerve to go there yet. i probably will in the fall, but right now i enjoy my own company to being with others(see how different people are). i am working on a Mary Maxim -- reindeer pattern from the erly 60's. they sell them already made up at the Bay store in canada at 360.00!! Al would always see me with knitting needles in my hands, and yes they go through me many days and nights at the hospital. i would love to learn to knit socks --since i live in northern canada, where it might get as cold as -40 and right now it's 104 at 9 pm. as i say to my children isn't it weird how one person can have an affect on your life. well it's the beginning of our canadian civic holiday -- not that it matters,one day is the same as the next.

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