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rivkadrMarch 5, 2010

I hurt my ankle two weeks ago while jogging. I did not twist it, so far as I can tell. I was just running along, feeling good, and then suddenly my ankle began to hurt. A lot. The pain started right above my ankle bone, done through the ankle bone, and radiated down to the side of my foot. It hurts the most when I put any sort of weight on it, although it continues to ache and feel sore even with no pressure on it.

I gave it a week to see if it got better and then went to an orthopedist a week ago. He took X-rays, and said he couldn't see anything (no fractures), but that a stress fracture wouldn't show up until it started healing. He gave me a big black boot thing to wear, which I've been wearing every day.

The problem: the ankle doesn't really seem to be getting any better. It still hurts quite a lot. I have an appt. to see the orthopedist again next week, but I'm curious -- what do people think the problem could be? I would think that if it was just sore tendons or something, I would be feeling at least slightly better after two weeks. Could this be a stress fracture? And how does one do that while just jogging?

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I had a stress fracture once in my foot.
Just plain walking caused it.
My doctor told me they are often called "March fractures" because they are common in the military, from all the marching they do.
He told me I had my choice of a cast or a pair of really good shoes. He named New Balance or another name I no longer remember. And I was not to so much as put my foot on the floor (except to shower) without my shoes on, for six weeks. I got the shoes, & did as he said. It did take the full six weeks to heal.
I guess because of location, things of this nature on the foot or ankle just take time to heal.
Even with your 'boot' on, there is strain on your ankle, so it will take time.
Let us know how you do.

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