How to connect 4 speakers in one room to the source output...

roger_northeastMay 29, 2006

Supposed I have a room where I want 4 speakers to be playing the same source.. how would I wire them? Do I run 2 pairs of wires (one pair for each speaker pair, ie 4 wires) all the way to the distribution source and then tied them together or can I run a pair from the source to the first speaker pair 1 and then a short run from speaker pair 1 to pair 2? If the latter, how would I wire them? In series or parallel?



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parallel. normal home speakers are 8 ohms. if you run a pair in parallel then the total impedence would be 4 ohms which is ok.

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No. Most recievers cant handler 4ohm loads.

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Hi Roger, assuming your amplifier has 4 connectors for output, I believe you should run four separate wires.

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OK. I will run 4 separate wires to the unit in the basement but then the question remains: If I connect them in parallel (each wire to the same speaker terminal in the amp), then the amp will only see 4ohms. I'm guessing this is not good. Do I need a separate box in between to fake the amp into seeing 8 ohms? Does such a thing exist?


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Connect them in series. How big are these speakers? In series they will be 16Ohms but should be good ebough power for most. Or you can buy a impedance matching speaker switch from partsexpress dot com If you dont have speakers anywhere else you could connect them to the surround speaker connections of a reciever and set the reciever to phtantom or 5 channel stereo so it sends same signal to all speakers

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