Outside speakers, no bass

lagatellaMay 21, 2006

HELP! My husband says it can't be done, but I have to believe that when we want music outside it can be cut off inside so you hear nothing. Right now it's all outside except for the bass (which comes out of a big box that I don't know the name of).

Who's right? We do have A and B speakers and a receiver (2 units plus the bass box). He'll understand if you get a little technical.

I think it might be wired wrong.


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It sounds like its wired right, the bass comes out of the sub for both a and b speakers. What you really want is a receiver with 2 zones. The second zone is independant of the first and volume control/source is seperate from the inside (1st) zone. This is what I did with my house and it works great. Can play same source inside and out with seperate volume or different source inside and out. Look for receivers with 2 or more zones, you will also typically need a seperate amplifier for the second zone. I used an inexpensive Sonic T-amp (~$30) for the outside zone.

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Thanks cseyer for the quick response.

How do you know if your receive has 2 zones? It says it has a built-in-7channel power amplifier.

It's a YAMAHA HTR-5860 AV Receiver.

We just got this. It replaces one that was fried by a thunder storm.

Thanks so much for your help.

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Nope the HTR-5860 does not have a 2nd zone capability. The HTR-5990 does 2nd and 3rd zone capabilities.

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Thanks, guess that means we are out of luck.

We'll know next time.

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I'm assuming you want to turn on the speakers outside, turn off the speakers inside and when you do that the sub (bass) inside doesn't turn off? So when you are in the house you just hear that low grumble. If so, the base can be turned off in several ways. Easiest way is to use the receivers set up. You should have a setting to adjust the subwoofer's mode. My receiver has a subwoofer button that cycles through mode 1~mode 2~off. I think on yours its main speakers only~subwoofer only~both (determining where the bass frequencies are delivered). If you select main speakers only, the subwoofer won't function. If you choose main only, the speakers outside will get the bass frequencies and sound better. You could also use a speaker selector (similar to an a/b switch) for the subwoofer. Switching to anything that isn't hooked up would turn it off. You can also just simply unplug the subwoofer. Mine just happens to be on a plug that is controlled by a wall switch. If I wanted it off for some reason, I could just flip the switch.

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