Question about flooring styles

fosterdogmomJuly 14, 2012

I've gotten such good advice by reading this forum, I thought I'd join and jump in myself.

We have wood floors through much of our house, but the kitchen and family room have "unique" (that's a euphemism) floors -- cracked brick in the family room; circa-1993 linoleum in the kitchen. We're preparing to jump into an "everything but the cabinets" kitchen update and I've picked a laminate floor that looks like wood that I'd like to install in both the kitchen and family room.

It's not super dark, but the shade is darker than the wood floors in the rest of the house.

My husband worries that if we don't try to "match" the new flooring (in shade) to the other wood floors, it could be unappealing to future buyers.

I say since it's not an open-concept floor plan, it shouldn't be that big a deal. So....conservative approach or go with the style that speaks to me? Help!

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Floors laid after the cabinets are in place can often cause height issues with dishwashers and ranges. Floors should be done first in any remodel, and the cabinets placed on top of them---or the equivalent height plywood to minimize the height issue problems. Be very sure that your cabinets are of superior quality and in excellent shape before you decide to keep them when doing such an expansive remodel. You may end up with more problems working around them than you would if you removed them and reinstalled them.

Back to your plan to replace your floors. Why aren't you putting in wood that matches your current wood floors? If you are unable to find prefinished wood that matches, a skilled flooring finisher can match unfinished wood to the existing if the current finish is in good shape. If the current floors are on a schedule to be refinished, accelerate that schedule and have them sanded down to bare wood at the same time the new floors are installed and everything will match and flow much better than fake wood against real wood. That will never match. Plus, it's downgrading the finishes in your house instead of upgrading them.

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Ah -- thanks, live wire oak -- the flooring around cabinets issue is something I hadn't thought of as likely to give us problems.

The cabinets are very good quality, so we hadn't even considered not keeping them. If we weren't, it'd be a $30-$40k redo, instead of more like $10k.

And I hadn't thought of wood floors for the kitchen mostly because I'm lazy and want something that's really going to be OK with spills (when I'm cooking, they're frequent) and something that would be less of a loss in the event of a plumbing problem. I know more folks are using it these days, though, so that's a good thought.

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