livvyandbellaMarch 18, 2005

Five weeks ago I was diagnosed with brochitis. I had chest xray, and was put on an antibiotic, and cough medicine. Two weeks ago, not feeling any better, I was sent for a cat scan of my lungs. This showed pneumonia. I was put on antibiotics again for 7 days. No longer coughing, but so exhausted. I do the least little things, and I am so tired. What can I do to regain my strength? I am currently on an inhalor with albuterol and ipratropium bromide, 4 times a day.

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It takes time. Do not try to do anything until you are up to it. Pneumonia kills.

Just heard that an actress from Meet the Parents, who was in her early 30's, succumbed to it and passed away this week.

(the actress who got her nose broken by Ben Stiller --- she was very young).

I had it in my college years, and I lost a lot of weight, and was too tired to carry my bookbag for about a month.

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Yes, it is an unbelievable exhaustion. Not a normal tired.

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I would think it's normal after a bout with Pneumonia. Rest, drink lots of water and call your doctor if not better. Pneumonia can be a very serious thing!
Judy Good

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I had it in my early 30's, otherwise healthy, and it took a full month before I stopped falling asleep at work, and another month to get my strength back.

Karen is right - take it easy. Put off everything possible, and then some. This is serious.

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"What can I do to regain my strength?"

REST! You are "convalescing", which means you are not clinically ill, but you aren't healthy, either.

\Con`va*lesce"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. (Convalesced);
p. pr. & vb. n. (Convalescing).] [L. convalscere; con- +
valescere to grow strong, v. incho. of valere to be strong.
See (Vallant).]
To recover health and strength gradually, after sickness or
weakness; as, a patient begins to convalesce.

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Thank you ladies, for all your advice. I guess I get frustrated because it is so long. I met with a Pulmonary Specialist. My cat scan showed debris in my right lung. It will be repeated in two weeks to see if that is from my pneumonia, or soemthing else.
I seem to be doing better now during the day, but as
evening comes, my back pains me, and I am very tired.
I am fortunate I am home, and not working.
Again, thank you.

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I lost much school and later work with bouts of bronchitis and then pneumonia. One year I was in bed for 12 weeks and then several months feeling just like you describe. Try not to get discouraged. It will improve but don't push yourself. All the best

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