What do you now take instead of Vioxx?

marie26March 15, 2005

I had taken Vioxx whenever I felt my arthritis in my lower back starting to act up. Also, it was prescribed to me when my back did go out. I would take if with a muscle relaxer.

The last doctor I saw for my back prescribed Motrin 600 mg. as the Vioxx replacement.

What do you now take instead of Vioxx?

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I am taking Celebrex, which I don't think is much better than Vioxx, but I am only getting a few pills to take as necessary. There isn't much else that my stomach will tolerate though I am open to suggestion

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My husband too is taking Celebrex but preferred the Vioxx. Isn't there warnings with everything you take now?

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These three natural products from Shaklee: http://www.shaklee.net/ifeelgoodproducts/product/PainRelief

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I was taking Celebrex but have done lots of reading on Celebrex/Vioxx, etc....won't be taking any more of those. I'm now taking Aleve - which is naproxen. It seems to work okay with my inflammation but know that there is some controversy with Naproxen as well. I suffer from degenerative disc disease and I truly need a powerful anti-inflammatory in order to be able to function.

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My dr wanted me to give up the Celebrex and use arthritis strength Tylenol, two tablets three times a day. I tried for over a week but went back to Celebrex. Tylenol might help with certain kinds of pain but it's the inflammation in my case that causes much of the pain. Tylenol doesn't help with that.

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I know you are careful about when you take something like Naproxen, but be very sure that you take it with plenty of water or food. I take it twice a day. I take it with breakfast and supper. So far it has not bothered me as it did when I was just taking it with water. It's hard to drink enough water at one time. Food helps.

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isn't vioxx back on the market now?the reason asking the dr gave my husband a prescription of it the other day,also am glad to see another shaklee user here.my uncle has been selling that for many many many years/catlady

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so whats naproxen( i know its a pain releiver of course )
but does it relieve the soreness of arthitus ??
i used to take vioxx but it gave me gas more than anything .
i would like to hear from some gardenwebbers that take celebrex ,as i have been taking it for over a year now
i would like to find something that is non-prescription
and helps keep uncle authur from keeping perament residence
any suggestions ??

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Naproxen is a powerful anti-inflammatory....can be very hard on your stomach - cause bleeding if not taken with food....but it is very effective in treating inflammation due to arthritis and other joint inflammation. Aleve is a weak solution of naproxen and can be bought over the counter.

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Zeke, as I said in my post earlier, I am taking Celebrex and have been for a number of years. Due to differnt problem than arthritis, my heart and stomach have been checked. Both are fine and I think that if the Celebrex was causing a problem it would have shown up. I use only one 200 mg a day. That, along with prednisone and Methotrexate keeps me moving. Oh, yes- I mustn't forget the Humira shot. And the Celebrex does definitely help so I will continue with it as long as possible.

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gmom74 - Are you taking folic acid with your mtx? My rhuemy told me the two go hand in hand. Thankfully I haven't had to step up to that one yet. I had to switch over to voltaran since they yanked bextra.

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If you want to try Aleve (naproxen), Walmart, CVS have their own house brands that is the same strength, 220mg, but a great deal cheaper.

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Webegardnr, yes I take Folic acid, too. Also Vitamin C, D and extra calcium with magnesium. My body is full of all manner of stuff. I don't mind taking the pills- it is all the water I have to drink with them that makes me sick.

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Celebrex is most likely the most closely related drug to Vioxx b/c the mechanism of action of these drugs is to block COX 2 enzyme only. Naproxen, Asprin and Ibuprofen (advil, motrin i think) are COX 1 AND COX 2 inhibitors. AS long as you are blocking COX 2 you should be getting the anti inflammatory effect. So theoretically you can take any non steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). that means all of the ones i listed above.

Tylenol is not specifically a COX blocker and it's analgesic effects originate from another mechanism. Since it doesn't block COX 1 it does not give those unwanted stomach problems as seen with asprin.

So in short, if you were taking vioxx and loved it but now can't since it is off the market b/c it may* cause heart probelms. i would take celebrex. celebrex is still on the market b/c it does not show as dramatic heart effect problems as vioxx showed.

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I started on Celebrex about 1 month ago in combination with other medications to treat Fibromyalgia. The combination of medications has helped and I can finally sleep through the night. Problem is my insurance company doesn't like it and there are incredible forms to fill out in order to take it.

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