Internet direct bookshelf speakers

tiamariaMay 6, 2007

I am looking for a 5.1 speaker system for my large great room. It has cathedral ceilings which is a problem.

I looked at Bose, and they sound good to me but I think they are over priced.

I have to apologize. I posted a similar question and it is not appearing on the list so I think it was lost somehow.

I hope I'm not duplicating a question.

I was hoping someone had experience with some of the internet companies that sell bookshelf speakers.

I am not looking for earth shaking sound but

enhanced music and dialog I can actually hear.

I plan on getting a sub-woofer but it won't be what most audio folks desire. This is my family room not the theater room.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



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I have no experience with such speakers, but I would make sure that any speakers I bought unheard could be returned within, say, a month, for any reason short of outright abuse, preferably with the vendor footing the tab for shipping.

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The company's that seem to be getting good reviews have a 30 - 45 day return policy. Right now I am very interested in the SVS speakers. They have had the best response to all my questions. Covered every aspect of the project and have a lot of confidence in their product.

I will need a receiver so I'm just beginning to learn about them. I'm perplexed over the features and whether I will know what to do with it all. I'm going to do a search to see if I can learn what "upconverting" is and HDMi capablities means. I have an HDMi display so I should consider this.


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Hi , Most ID ( iternet direct )companies provide you with a 30 day in home listening option. You can return them without any questions asked. Most require you to pay the return shipping .
I found my way to the AV123 site, they are one of the more popular ID companies . I went with the 850 Rockets, and the matching center channel. They are built like a piece a furniture and hey they sound great also.
Sign up for their forum and ask your question there. You will not find a nice bunch of audio guys willing to help you.
Also atke a look at Aperion speaker and Axiom speaker, both popular ID companies.
Regardless of where you post, you'll need to provide some more info. Actual room size and cieling height, what type of reciever will you power the speakers with etc..
It sounds like your room might do better with a pair of tower speakers, bookshelves might get lost in your room ( sound wise )
Let me know if you have any more questions.
By all means stay far away from BOSE !

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The names you mention are familiar to me. I didn't know AV123 has a forum. I will check it out.

This is off topic (sort of), but I am having trouble discerning which receiver is right for me without spending $$$$. Should I post a separate question?

Our LCD screen is HDMI with 1080p. Does that mean I should invest in a receiver that upconverts to 1080p?
I sound so clueless. I haven't had a chance to go to Borders and read "audio/visual for dummies" yet.
What I have found out is that Denon hasn't come out with the AVR-2808 which swithches to 1080. Also some receivers just aren't that good at switching. Keep in mind I don't even know what this I dread buying a receiver and finding the menu so confusing that I don't set it up correctly.

It seems logical that if my display has those capabilities I should get a receiver with the ability to switch.

Thanks for your help.


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TM, They ahve a great forum, Seriously a real bunch of intelligent audio guys. You might even get a response from Mark who is on the forum daily and according do reports is the nicest guy in the world.
Sign up for the forum, and post your question in the "loudspeaker and subwoofer" section. Like I said give as much info about room size, TV, how much movie viewing to regular 2 channel listening you'll be doing. As well ask about reciever recomendations . I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome ,knowledge and information you will recieve from this group.
You'll find me there, I use the same screen name ( Stocky).

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Thanks I'll check out the AV123 forum. I'm sure you'll recognize my posts when they show up.


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