My sign that Emily is OK.

tggrsmommyJuly 9, 2004

I was in Emily's room looking at her picture and crying, because of course I miss her more than anything. Anyway...I looked down at the floor and there was the ballet slipper to one of her dolls! Now, these dolls are on a high shelf in her closet, that Bryan can't reach, or at least hasn't tried to, since it would be indicated by the fact there is a shrine of stuffed animals under the dolls on a table there. I also found one of the dolls on the floor a few days ago, and thought Bryan was messing with them. I just realized, there is no indication of Bryan having been up there! Her Little People Santa figurine was on the floor this morning, and the workshop still in its place. I also, immediately thought Bryan had been in the room. He hasn't! Emily has been playing with her dolls and the toys on the table in that closet! At least now I know she's happy. I don't know how much better it will make me feel, but I do feel somewhat better. I so miss her, but I know she's OK now.

Thanks for letting me share.


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Jen, I'm so happy that you got a sign that Emily is happy. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when we feel that they are trying to give us a message signifying their well being? It's good to know that they are with God and doing fine, but it is still hard when we miss them so very much.
Thanks for sharing your sign with us.

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That's wonderful, Jen. We should thank you for sharing with us. Signs are uplifting for everyone.


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Jen, I see these signs as gifts. I know just how much you must be hurting and I am sure that Emily was letting you know that she was happy. I had several from my daughter and even though I miss her so very much it helps to know that she is okay. Thank you for sharing with us.


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That's amazing, and I agree, thank you for sharing. I am eager for any such sign that they continue on. I have recieved precious few, but they have been equally powerful. Perhaps another time I will share. That's very nice to think about... thank you.

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Jen, thank you for sharing this with us. I keep waiting for signs but its either there showing me or I'm not looking for them. I heard my mother called me Judy, it was so plan I woke up and said yes. Wasn't sure what that was. Thats the only thing I heard. Not sure what it was she was trying to tell me. I know its been over a year, but my emotions are still pretty bad. I get angry. Wondering why, and whats going to happen. Yes I'm still scared.


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