Best Home Theater

chrispittMay 17, 2013

Which company of Home Theater is best?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

There is, imho, no really one size fits all answer to this.

See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: What is the Best Home Theater

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I think LG is the best

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exactly what chemocurl wrote.

You need to define your needs, your space, then fill in with what will make it all happen.

Example, I have a home theater and I play a lot of music in that same space. I chose a Denon receiver, because it does a great job with both the music side and the theater side of things. It had all the inputs and outputs I needed in the format that I needed; some HDMI, some optical, etc, etc.

Speakers? That's totally up to the listener. And different people in your family may like different speakers. Klipsch fit the bill for me. Again, they handle the music as well as the theater side. Don't forget the subwoofer for your bass.

If you're looking for a front projector, I prefer Panasonic. The picture itself is fine, but it also has the ability to throw a picture the distance I need it thrown all while filling my screen.

Screens? I'm not a big and crazy into movies. My viewing space can be blacked out, but it's also used for viewing sports, and when a group comes over often times I'll have ambient light on. So I went with a Dalite Hipower screen. You can contact screen manufacturers and they'll send you screen samples. We mocked up all the samples into a single patchwork screen, then watched different programs in different light levels at different viewing angles so see which one we liked the best.

So...different strokes for different folks.

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This information all is really useful. Thanks for sharing

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I think you should go for SONY. My experience says it is best.

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It is not enough to get a good home theater only it will not give a good surrounding for your home. Together with that you have to get few subwoofers which gives you awesome and extraordinary sound that makes you to enjoy.

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