Replacing Bathroom Subfloor

tdorsiJuly 30, 2012

Hi there,

My question is How do I patch my Old Subfloor.

My wife and I recently found that we had leak in our tub/Shower. This had been going on for a while and we did not realiz it as the water was collecting under the tub. I removed the tub and found that the first layer of sub floor was damp and started to rot in one corner. I removed this and found that the next layer was much worse. The Sub floor was 3/4" toung and groove Pine. and the 2nd layer looks like Oak. I will be replacing with OSB.

I have completely removed the top layer of subfloor and I've removed the rotted wood down to the floor Joists and now and now need to replace.

The section of floor that has been removed to Joist is 39"L X 78" W

The Joists Run Parralel with the Width (going the direction of the the 78" side). I have always been told that when you lay flooring you should put the short side Perpendicular to the direction the Joist run. That is opposit of the situation I have.

For the Patch first layer should I cut the Board in two even 39x39 pieces? Or should lay as a whole piece. The second layer of Subfloor will Measure 84"L x 79" W

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The "perpendicular" rule applies to hardwood floors: they should run perpendicular to the underlying joists. For subfloor, I'd use a single piece for the patch. Then attach the 2nd layer staggering the joints so they don't match the joints on the 1st layer.

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Thanks Weedyacres! We got the new subfloor in over the weekend.

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