I want to start fishing as hobby?

john.butcher98May 11, 2011

I want to start fishing a hobby to help me relax, but don�t know where to start. What kind of Equipment to us or what type of fishing to take up. I live in Kenai, USA and know of a few place where I can fish, just don�t know what I should buy to get me going.

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I would suggest that you go through the fishing websites and see comments of the person who runs the business. They will surely provide you the details like what fish are being caught, where they are being caught, how people are doing it, and what equipment people are buying in order to do that. Take a visit and have fun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jimmie Jack Fishing

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As you appear to live in Canada I would suggest going to a good sporting good store. But with the link you posted, I am thinking you are advertising for people to come to Alaska.

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I would google something like "fishing for beginners". you'll learn a lot from the internet. then i would go to a sportsman store and get a basic fishing pole etc...

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get a fishing license first. you can get it at Walmart I'm pretty sure, and while your there, just get a regular old fishing pole, some worms, and go from there!

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Yes it's a good hobby fishing specially at morning or late night with friends.

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