Using a Playstation 3 for Media Center

garymunson-2008May 28, 2008

Anyone using a Playstation 3 as a media center? I got one for the included blueray player and to store my music and photos. My first problem has been once I uploaded my photos, I found the PS3 resorted them by date rather than by the folders I had carefully grouped them in. Still gives great slideshows but I get a bunch of unrelated photos on screen. Would like to know if there's a way to fix this. Still been a better option than the Buffalo Media Streamer I used previously that required my home computer be on to see my pix or listen to music. Both have a HDMI connection and give excellent viewing. I never was able to get the Buffalo to surf the web properly while the PS3 does it perfectly. Also the Buffalo had no way to connect a keyboard unlike the PS3. I know you can install Linux on the PS3 and would like to hear from someone who has. Thanks, Gary

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My own follow-up....
I have since discovered that by putting my photos on a 'thumb drive' that the PS3 will retain the folder structure as long as I leave the drive installed in the USB slot and read the pix from there. If I copy the drive content to the PS3's hard drive, however, the folders go away and the 'giant lump of photos' occurs. At least that's an inexpensive work-around.

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Another PS3 tip I've discovered.... Get a IR (infra-red)USB 'dongle' and plug it in to your PS3. This will allow you to use your non-bluetooth Harmony remote with the PS3 (which doesn't have an infra-red sensor). Better option than having to buy the Sony or third-party BlueRay bluetooth remote. Harmony remotes rule!

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So which PS3 40GB 80GB??


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I got the 40. Since I'm not into games, the 80's ability to run ps2 games was not an issue...It's simple to upgrade the hard drive later and the extra $100 for the 80 would almost cover the expense of a really big drive if I need it...

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