Denture tips?

donnerMarch 27, 2008

Anyone have any tips on getting used to lower dentures? Do they kind of float or should they feel secure?


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They will float.Try fixodent.Might have to apply twice aday.If you have friends and they are thinking about haveing all their teeth pulled.Tell them "no" if you can save one tooth to hook the rest of you dentures on no matter how much it cost try and save it.From one who knows.

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after one year I found out how to keep my teeth put your top in first than you put your lowers in.Bite down and hold just as is.Don't glue bottoms in by themselves.Top first bite down and hold lowers as is.they will stay in all day.

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I've been hearing about a procedure that puts a screw-type device into your jaw bone, one on each side, and it really anchors the teeth down.

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I have a full top plate that drove me crazy! My dentist suggested trying a thing that was new several years ago.
It is Titain Post. I have six posts in my gums and 6 matching holes in my plate and I can bite into anything now and he was able to use the false teeth I all ready had. Got it all done in one setting and not much pain afterwards either. If I have have to have a bottom plate this is what I will do again.

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