small red bumps

oddieMarch 2, 2006

I have read your post for years ,you all are very helpful people and I hope you can help my son, hes 30 years old woke up one day with small red bumps that looks like a small blister, that goes to a cluster of small blisters, then turn to a very dry red area about a half inch circle, they itch from the start and are all over his chest and back and now on neck and one on face, this has been going on way over a week, frist areas look light red but still dry and doest itch much, others in the home do not have theses, also more apear everyday, any ideas would be helpful. son does not have health insurance at this time, trying to clear it up without going to doctor, thanks in advance


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Might be impetigo, shingles, or allergy-related hives. He needs to go to a doctor, insurance or not. Impetigo or shingles cannot be helped with home remedies or OTCs. Does he have any other symptoms? Did he have chickenpox as a child?

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Shingles is very painfull, could this be an allergy related to new laundry detergent ?

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I had shingles - yes they're the most painful thing I ever endured. But when they first start, they just look like little bug bites and then the itching starts and so on.

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Pityriasis rosea is another possibility

find a clinic!

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Thank you so much to all that posted, after dong a search for pityriasis rosesa and reading and looking at the picture I beleive lazygardens is right, it looks and sounds just like what my son has, I have seen and took care of people with shingles and had some idea of how they ran there course didnt think it was shingles, hes had hives over the years, that was my frist thought but hives come and go and never looked like that before on him. no new detergents, he does use way to much bleach, rewashed everything, hes never had chicken pox or any other childhood disease, that always worried me.didnt look like imepetgo, it looks just like the pictures we will see what happens he will go to doctor if nothing helps thanks agine

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Could it be ring worm? It's a fungal disease with a very distinctive appearance.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It also could be eczema. It sounds like the symptoms I experience. Go to a dermatologist, they will get him a proper diagnosis and treatment. You cannot treat this on your own.


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