Transition lenses versus photochromic

obrionusaMarch 1, 2012

Whats the difference between the two and is it worth the extra money to get transition? I was looking online to buy some cheap glasses for my work truck and I can get polycarbonate with photochromic lens for an extra $69 or standard lense with transition for $69. It looks like I would have to give up high impact lens in order to get the transition brand. Whats your thoughts?

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You should probably ask your optical person...Years ago, I worked in the eye business and at that time, you could only get the photochromatic lens in glass which in turn was heavy...Then Transitions came out for plastic lens but was very expensive...The last time I got glasses, I went with the off brand Transistions and they darken just as well as the name brand ony much cheaper....As far as your polycarbonate, do they darken like the Transition? If your going to be wearing them for work/or to protect the eye, you should go with the high impact lens...Is there much difference in the weight?
It's been years since I worked in the business but I'm still shocked at the prices...I did all the lens and frame ordering and frames and we would get designer frames for as little as a couple of dollars and then price them in the hundreds...And the same with the lens, they were basically very, very inexpensive....Just made me sick and is one reason I had to get out of the business.....
Good luck in your search.....At one time, my son gave me a on line site that made glasses, very inexpensive, but do you think I can think of the name of it...I believe it started with a Z...He uses them all the time for his family.....

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