Loss of smell and taste returning

enjoyingspringMarch 30, 2013

Two years ago this May I had a very bad sinus infection and as a result lost my smell and taste. Went to all sorts of doctors but they said they couldn't do anything. Finallly went to an algergist last fall and he put me on algery medication and 50mg of time released zinc. He said it would take 6 months to start showing any results. Finally 3 weeks ago I started to smell things and taste a few things, not much but it is a start, he said he didn't think it would return to what I had before but just smelling a few things makes me so happy. It is so awful not smelling or tasting your food, but it is a good way to lose weight. haha

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Have you read Bonnie Blodgett's new book on losing smell? I just finished it and found it very interesting. We take the sense of smell for granted but she investigates its effect on physical, emotional, and social health. Hers eventually came back too,

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I had a fall to the back of my skull & concussion & lost the sense of smell completely! Neurologist thought the nerve to the nose at the back of the skull had been cut so not any hope of smell returning but suggested taking lots of zinc & Vit. B shots. For whatever reason, in a year or so some sense of smell returned... not much but some!! Now the Dr. thinks the nerve had not been severed but just bruised & smell returned. I had a long blog here around 2006 on my problem & got many hints & ideas.; one was using the drug theophaline (?sp.) that helped one person. Maybe you can find this blog & get some ideas from the many who logged on there (& some still do). Yes, scentes were SO important to me & I miss thesmell of the air after a rain, my flowers, favorite perfumes, etc. ... oh, I miss them!! Sure hope your sense of smell will return completely with time now!

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