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lulie___wayneJuly 13, 2004

I spent the day today with one of my best friends who had surgery this morning. While she was in the hospital, her daughter was also in the hospital getting ready to deliver her two babies. They were not due until September, but she found out yesterday that they have Turner's Syndrome. She was carrying two twin girls and one of them was already dead. They told my friend's daughter that the other one may be still alive by the time she delivered, and she could hold the baby until her heart stopped which was not expected to be long.

My heart just breaks for both of them and it is so sad that my friend can't be with her daughter who is out of state, and her daughter can't be with her mom who just had surgery. My friend is divorced and has no other children. This is a tough, tough, world.

Please keep these women in your prayers if you are a Christian.


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I'm so sorry for your friend. Are they sure the surviving twin will die? My SIL had Turners syndrom. Yes she passed from it, but was 32 when she passed. I'm glad you're there with her, she needs someone.


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Yes, the second baby died right as she was being born. They dressed her and covered her up all except for her little head. I think she was somewhat deformed and they didn't want L. to see her body. She was unable to see the other baby. I think, because she had been dead for a while.
L. seems to be doing really well. I wonder if she is just in major shock now. My friend (the grandmother) is doing well too.

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My heart broke reading this story. Will say a prayer for this family....


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