How to connect 4 speakers in one room to the source output...

roger_northeastMay 28, 2006

Supposed I have a room where I want 4 speakers to be playing the same source.. how would I wire them? Do I run 2 pairs of wires (one pair for each speaker pair, ie 4 wires) all the way to the distribution source and then tied them together or can I run a pair from the source to the first speaker pair 1 and then a short run from speaker pair 1 to pair 2? If the latter, how would I wire them? In series or parallel?



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What kind of speakers are these? What reciever are you using?

If using inwall speakers you dont need much power so you could probably connect them in series.

If these are floorstanding main speakers then you could connect them to the B output of your reciever.

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