Onix Rocket

dadoesMay 15, 2006

Any comments on the Onix Rocket line of speakers from av123.com?

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I've been using Rockets for two years. They sound and look beautiful. Customer service has been excellent, including a replacement sub sent when one of mine failed a few months ago. The massive center channel is especially helpful for home theater setups. My one complaint is that the floorstanding speakers are unstable due to the narrow base. My wife's dogs have knocked the front speakers over a few times, which has caused some cosmetic damage that is a real bummer.

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They are nice-looking speakers. VERY nice.

Interesting story: Friend of mine built a dedicated home theater room onto his house several years ago. He selected Rocket speakers. The 750 towers, "Bigfoot" center, dipole surrounds. Didn't get a Rocket sub at first, used the sub he had. Anyway, the speakers arrived early before the room was ready, so the towers & Bigfoot stayed at my house for a few weeks. I auditioned them against my Advent Legacy towers & Advent Cinema center. Couldn't discern a difference. Maybe a little with the center, Bigfoot definitely is nice! Did a blind A-B test for my friend, he couldn't tell which tower pair was playing. I had an itch at the time to update my speakers, but there wasn't a need compared to the Rockets. I even had a custom-built entertainment center designed with room for Bigfoot. I was disappointed!

My sub went bad a few months ago, replaced it recently with a Rocket ULW-10. I like the SOS auto-tuning feature.

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I have not heard the Rockets but have the Axiom M60s and love them. They will ship you a pair and you can return in 30 days if you do not like them.

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I have had Rockets for quite a while, the 750 signature editions, a "Bigfoot" center channel, and the surrounds. I like them very much. The quality of the cabinet (I have the Rosewood) is beautiful. Many speakers made today don't have very attractive cabinetry, unless you want to spend LOTS of money. Rocket owners are fanatic and very loyal. They also offer a $$$ back trial (less shipping) and are very accomodating. You might even be able to hear some locally by using their website. There are several users who like to 'demo' their speakers. Buying speakers is EXTREMELY subjective; what I like you might not. You need to listen to speakers.

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