Overy Cysts

micahgroffMarch 28, 2008

I have been having pain in the ara of my overies for about 3 months now. I have had a partial Hyst. I recently had a pelvic ultrasound that reveiled cysts. My ob-gyn wanted to do 4 monthly injections of Depo- Lupron. I can't manage meds that cause severe mood swings, so he just wants to repeat the ultrasound in 3 months. The pain is so un-nerving. It is real bad at night when I lay down to try and sleep. I am at wits end. any ideas from anyone?

Thanks. Micah

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Years ago, 1986,to be exact, I had an Ovarian Cycst that grew very rapidly. The doctors actually thought I had Ovarian Cancer but when they went to do the hysterectomy, they found what they called "a Hershey Kiss" Cycst the size of a GRAPEFRUIT! It actually ruptured when they were removing it. Along with it, I had Endometreosis everywhere. They ending up taking my Appendix, a total hysterectomy and had to clean off alot of my major organs from the Endometreosis.

The pain the last week before the surgery was horrible. I couldn't lay down cause the cycst was actually pressing on my kidney and had pushed my bladder way out of place.

I was so grateful that it wasn't cancer that whatever they had to do was okay by me. Back then they didn't have many of the tests they do now.

I wouldn't wait. I would do what is necessary ASAP. I don't mean to scare you but the pain won't get better without something being done. Are they sure it isn't a complication from your partial hysterectomy?

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Well the Hysterectomy was done when I was 32, and I'm 48 now, so I am thinking there has been too much time pass to be a complication of that. I got a call from the Dr. yesterday and since I felt like I couldn't tolerate the severe mood swings associated with the Depo-Lupron, they are going to just have me wait for the three months and have another ultrasound to see how it is doing. I am not sure I can wait that long to do something about it. I have a HIGH pain tollerence and this is getting to me. He also wants to do an upper GI to make sure that hasn't got something to do with it. Geezzz, the areas aren't even close, although I could use alittle further investigation on the stomach due to a lifetime of acid reflux. So that test I won't balk at having.

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It's time for a consult with another doctor. I hate to say it, but it sounds as if this doctor is milking you for the money.

Ovarian cysts don't often become cancerous, but they do sometimes mask the symtoms from cancer.

There is no point in leaving in an ovary that is prone to cystic developments. Get them both removed so that you can quit worrying about it. Being pain free and sleeping well is worth a lot!

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Buy a jar of over-the-counter natural Progesterone cream from your local drug store or Walmart. Start with a couple teaspoons full on your abdomen twice a day. I don't have cysts, but I have fibroids..and this has helped me so much. Before I was taking Darvocet several times a day. The Progesterone cream works in about 15 minutes and you should be able to sleep throughout the night. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cysts and Progesterone Cream

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I also agree with the suggestion about finding a new doctor...Why should you go through all that pain....Years ago, my daughter was told she was pregnant, tests showed she was pregnant...She went 4 months thinking she was having a baby, even started wearing maternity clothes, all from an ovarian cyst...It ruptured and she was rushed to the hospital and had to have surgery....This is nothing to fool with.....Good luck, feel better soon.....

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I know someone who was diagnosed with ovarian cysts and she was in so much pain this weekend that she ended up in the ER and the diagnosis, after tests, was that the cysts had ruptured. They also told her she has a UTI although she hadn't felt any signs of that. She's had them in the past so she knows when she has one.

They sent her home and said that the pain would last over a month from the cysts and that there was nothing that should be done for her surgically.

Is this the usual way to take care of ruptured cysts?

I should mention that she doesn't have any insurance and little money so finding a gyn. is probably not possible.

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I can only speak from my experience but obviously the type of cyst that they are telling your friend, Marie, is not the same type I had. I think that some women get cyst with their cycles and they disppear on their own. The kind I had was different and it had adheared itself to other organs and had actually lifted my uterus up. I now have a pain sometimes in the area where it was. The doctor says I probably have adhesions from the surgery and the scraping of my organs from the endometreois. Its been 23 years but I cans still recall clearly the pain it caused me.

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