Apple cider vinegar for calluses?

RustyMarch 6, 2010

I have a very painful callus on the ball of my foot.

I have read about using apple cider vinegar to remove calluses and corns.

But haven't found any really clear instructions as to how to use it, or how long it takes to get results.

Has anyone here tried it?

Would you explain how you used it?

Did it work?

Are you pleased with the results?

What are any other methods you have used and found to work?



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Calluses are dry dead skin and can feel like you are walking with a stone in your shoe,

Every evening, soak your feet for 20 minutes in a basin of warm water to which you have added 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Dry your feet and use a pumice stone on the callus. It won't come off all at once but it will gradually disappear.

The baking soda will ease your tired feet too, and make them feel wonderful

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Thank you, Oilpainter, that is pretty much what I have been doing.
But it keeps coming back.
And yes, it feels exactly like there is a stone in my shoe.
Something I read somewhere gave the impression that apple cider vinegar would cure a callus, it would go away and not come back.
Am I day dreaming? It does sound too good to be true.
Thought I would ask here, maybe someone has had some experience with it. Or would know a better, longer lasting way to get relief.
Looks like not many people frequent this forum very often.
Again, thanks for responding.


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No solution will take it away permanently. It keeps coming back because that is where you put the pressure when you walk. Try a gel insole in your shoes. Once you get rid of it the insole will keep you from putting so much pressure on that spot. After it's gone, keep a plastic pot scrubby near your tub and rub that spot with it after you shower. Or use the pumice stone occasionally. That will keep the dead skin from building up.

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