What about Bose?

netarcApril 9, 2006

Anyone considering buying new a/v gear should take a read of the following...

What about Bose?


BOSE Acoustimass - Better Profits Through Marketing


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very timely posting! my husband has been looking at a Bose Surround Sound system (when we have a perfectly nice Sony 5 speaker + subwoofer set up already), and he has been adament that he wants to "upgrade" to the Bose. I think i will show him that article and see if he perhaps wants to reconsider ( i can think of lots of other ways we can spend that money!)

thanks for posting that!

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Take a spin through HT forums, and see what people think about Bose...


I wouldn't consider Bose an "upgrade" to a whole lot. While I don't know what your existing setup is, I guarantee you that you can spend a lot less to get a lot more than you would with Bose.

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While I agree that you can get a better sounding system for less money, I still think the Bose is a 5.1 Lifestyle systems are great systems. Truth is the average person will be more than happy with the Bose system when they get it home. It takes up almost no room, is easy to hook up and even compensates for the physical set-up of the room. Nobody else makes a compact system like that.

Oh, and I'm sure the Bose Lifestyle system will blow away the Sony system you have. Sony makes a lot of great products, but speakers aren't one of them.

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The average person will most likely prefer the Bose technology. Because, on average, they are not as concerned about the flexibility and better sound you will obtain with separate components.

I would not classify Bose as a product that an audiophile would have.

Just my opinion on the topic.

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If you read the audio forums they are not in favor of Bose. It isn't that Bose is bad, but they point out that it is not worth the price they sell the systems for. They are over priced for what you get.

B.O.S.E - (B)uy (O)ther (S)tereo (S)ystem

I do get all the marketing ... and nearly fell for it. I do like the little speakers that look great with any decor!! Ended up buying B&W speakers and Pioner Elite components ... DH is happy.

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chispa - you mean (E)quipment not (S)ystem

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