A back yard wedding, what should I rent?

JesseConantApril 18, 2013

Hi all,
Okay so My fiance and I are getting married in August and we plan to have the ceremony up town in this beautiful Church. Then we could not figure out where to have our reception. Then we realized as w were closing on the house we just bought that we have a huge back yard (two acres to be exact) and we should just rent a tent and have it back there. We figured it save our selves the hassle just have a back yard BBQ -pig roast, salad, potatoes, all the goods that someone would have at a BBQ. But when looking at the things to rent we saw that they have beautiful linens and such and I need help.

The question is:
If I am going to go with a back yard reception with BBQ as the food should I just use biodegradable tableware,plastic table cloths, paper plates and plastic utensils even tho it will look really tacky?

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Rent a tent and maybe a few fans, tables, tablecloths, chairs, plates and utensils. You can buy paper napkins or price cloth napkins to rent them. Using plastic utensils cheapens the best of foods, however, there are some really good quality plastic utensils and plates if you search for them. If you have to go with the plastic plates and utensils, do go with cloth tablecloths. They are so much classier than plastic tablecloths. I do not like drinking out of plastic as the feel of the plastic rim on my lips drives me nuts and plastic changes the flavor of the drink. Rent the glasses instead. When renting glasses, you get the glasses in the actual dish washing trays they use in their dishwasher. They are all there neatly and when you return them, they go back in these plastic trays. We just left them outside and hosed them down to keep the bugs at bay. It was so convenient!!

The best thing to do is google ""sturdy plastic tableware"" and do some price checking with the biodegradable tableware companies. Some places will send sample plastic ware for free or for a small fee--well worth it.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

You will have to rent tables, linens, and chairs. Costco or places like that have beautiful plastic/looks-like-silver sets for cheap, and also they have silver rimmed plastic plates.

We did purchase personalized wine glasses with our name and the date on them, and told guests they could take them. Most didn't and we now have a ton of wine glasses! LOL! But they are glass. A trip through the dishwasher preserved them for all parties future!

A caterer was our big expense, and our happy relief. They made sure things flowed, and the compliments were all good. I hope you have somebody running the BBQ and running the CD player. It's your day, and you should not be bothered with that!


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