Very Itchy Dry Scalp

ivamaeMarch 30, 2008

Does anyone have a suggestion? This is driving me crazy. I have very, very little dandruff - just dry and terribly itchy. My Dr. told me to use a very mild shampoo and not wash it more than once a week- preferably less and no hair spray.

I don't see improvement.

Any suggestions? I am wondering about a hot oil treatment



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My daughter suffers from this too. Her hairdresser said that hot oil treatments only creates greasy buildups. She has changed to AG shampoo and conditioner, for color-treated hair because of the low pH (her hair is not color treated). Don't use cheap shampoos. You have to go to a professional shop. The one we go to is really good. You can exchange a used product for another.. even if it's half used up! Change shampoos until you find one that works for you.

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Along with being itchy all over, I will get a very itchy scalp and have used an over the counter product...Darn if I can remember the name of it but it was a generic of one that is advertised on TV...It was a liquid and you just rubbed it on and it worked great.....Sorry I can't remember the name....

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If you happen to remember the name, please let me know. I haven't seen the T.V. ads. Different areas of my back are very itchy too.

I bought a larger humidifier and have it in the ensuite bath off my bedroom. I have it set at 50%, so if the Dr. is right about low moisture in the air this time of year, this should help.

Always something.

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I hate to go against doctors orders (was it a dermatologist you talked to?)... but since it's only hair/scalp, here's some other ideas...

I'd try a diluted vinegar rinse on your hair/scalp. A friend of mine swears that dry scalp is caused from an oily scalp, not a dry one. Maybe you're going about it the wrong way.

Oh, and be sure to rinse your shampoo out well. If you condition before all the shampoo is out, it can make your problem worse.

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No, it was just G.P. Can't see a dermatologist wihout a referral and my Dr. does not make referrals without a lot of persuasion. He feels he is always right.

I have heard about the vinegar and always used it as a child and I liked it then.

The pharmacist told me to use Dove shampoo with conditioner. I only used it once so far and was not impressed. She was going to advise Head and Shoulders but my Dr. had told me to stay far away from that.

I do really appreciate your help.

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Head and Shoulders ruins your hair. Pantene is not good either. Go to a place where they sell professional products and talk with the owner. There's one type of shampoo that is supposed to be really good, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name LOL Not sure if it's kelp or what. Will have to find out. It's a "natural" product. A bit pricey but well recommended by many professional hairdressers.

Re rinsing hair well - that's so true!

Do you use a lot of products on your hair (gels, sprays, etc.)? You might need to get a product that removes all of that which you use about once a week.

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The name of that product was Scalpacin, not sure of the spelling, but that's how it sounded....Sorry I'm such a dud...Darn those senior moments....

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Thanks, irishdancersgram, I'll see if I can find it in our stores.

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