Does santos Mahogany change color quite much if exposed to sun?

janesylviaJuly 2, 2013

I have 6 patio doors in the house. I saw a Brazilian santos mahogany flooring beautiful and it has 11 coating . The owner said the color change would not be very obvious, unlike the Brazilian chery. But the salesman at another store said santos mahogany is quite photosensitive.

My house has a lot of natural lighting. I don't know if santos mahagonay is appropriate for my house and if it is very photosensitive.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Any and all wood will change with sun exposure. Its just a matter of the finish thats applied and the amount of sunlight exposure.

Santos will change, enough for you to realize? Probably. Best thing to do is just draw the curtains during peak sunlight time.

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I have had Santos Mahogany floors in my entry and living room for about eight years. It will darken and become a deeper shade of red over time. Still looks good.

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I am enclosing a post I started regarding Santos Mahogany. It seems that Santos Mahogany starts off darker so the color change is not as dramatic as Brazilian Cherry that starts off much lighter. They both end up being closer in darkness with Santos having more red and Brazilian Cherry having more orange mixed with the Mahogany. I have Brazilian Cherry right now (but damaged from water) that I wish had less brown boards and more lighter boards mixed with more reddish boards. I still love the exotic woods and I am thinking of doing it again. I love Santos Mahogany also but it is a little more expensive. Maybe others will post pictures that have Santos Mahogany. Wish someone would have before sun darkening and after sun darkening pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Post regarding Santos Mahogany

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